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The MSP Collective: General B and The Wiz

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One of the best things about The MSP Collective for me is that I’m a genuine fan of every band I welcome. I love all genres and try to book a variety of artists (I’m working on punk and metal and will get some country in eventually!). I started following General B and The Wiz on twitter because why wouldn’t you follow a band named General B and The Wiz? I followed shortly before they would perform at Grand Old Day, so I held off on listening to their music in order to experience them for the first time live. Instant fan. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even worried. (I’ve had the same instinct for a few other artists throughout my life and have yet to be disappointed.) Lead singer Quincy was nice enough to chat with me for a bit after the set, I acquired some music and after exchanging a few emails, Quincy and guitarist Seth joined me on the Collective July 9th.

General B and The Wiz define themselves as indie blues/psych rock. Um, what? Just take a listen and you’ll get it. They bring in influences from across the board, and when it comes down to it, it works. Seth and Quincy explained the band’s name (you can also find the story on their website) during the show, and we also talked about their writing process, some fun places they’ve performed, what they have coming up and lots more. The podcast is free on iTunes here or on our RSS feed for non-iTunes users.



Twitter: @GBandTheWiz


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