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Short & Sweet Fringe Fest Reviews


So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Fringe Fest experience. There’s been a lot to juggle and I definitely have not made it to all the shows I initially planned to, but I’ve seen some great theater so I can’t complain. Here are some brief reviews for shows I’ve seen that I wasn’t able to highlight in individual posts.

The Adventures of Tapman – This show is a work in progress. The plot is quite loose and the dialogue didn’t always line up with the recordings but the tap dancing was amazing. Tristan Bruns’ smart choreography combined elements of dance and fighting in the fight scene that was fun to watch.

Four Humors Does Every Show in the Fringe – The selected show was Cursed, the guest was Jill Bernard and I only wish I could make it to all five of these. They had a good game plan going in and the show was entertaining from start to finish.

Dawn’s Light – Five performers incorporate different elements of storytelling. Jamela Pettiford’s microphone was painfully loud which greatly detracted from the show, so hopefully they’ve fixed it because she has a lovely voice. Other than that, Ericka Dennis effortlessly pulls you into Dawn’s story, and seeing Carnage the Executioner perform makes it worth it on its own.

Sex & Sensibility – You can’t go wrong with The Recovery Party, in my opinion, and this series of sketches flowed well and kept the audience laughing. Stand out sketches include The Real Housewives of Isanti County and the Alternate Animal Alphabet. I think Dawn Brodey is amazing and I would see anything that she’s in.

Natural NoviceSiobhan O’Loughlin is insightful, captivating, charming, funny… this list could go on and on. She’ll make you think about the superficiality of society as she plays multiple characters and skillfully pulls off this incredible one-woman show.

Uptown Bank Heist РThis show  includes lots of humor, but nothing about it makes it stand out from any other comedy.

Shakespeare Apocalypse: A New Musical – Keith Hovis has written a witty and fresh show and found an all-star cast to pull it off without a hitch. I’m beyond impressed by the stamina of the performers because the action hardly stops yet they end the show with the same intensity level which which they begin.¬† I’ll admit usually avoid the Shakespeare shows, but I would see this musical again.

Sex & Turkey – This show has some hilarious colorful humor, but otherwise I felt like they were trying too hard in general (ie with in-your-face Twin Cities references). I will say Emily Wrolson is hands down the best cast member and I’ll be keeping an eye out for her future shows.

MeSo Mestizo – David Hanley-Tejeda won’t be the most flawless performer you’ll see at Fringe, but he brings a unique element with his personal story and the use of spoken word. I connected with this piece as a biracial person, but anyone would be drawn in by his viewpoint and performance.

The Jungle Book – The cast is huge and the kids are adorable. For a couple songs, the entire cast is singing and dancing on stage which is quite the feat. It’s a little difficult to hear the cast at times, but this show is incredibly family-friendly and fun!

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