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Twin Cities Veg Fest Show

veg festSeptember 28th marks Twin Cities Veg Fest’s third year. I attended last year and you can read all about it here. This year, it’s going to be bigger and better, so I was thrilled to welcome several guests to the show last night. We all agreed that the best parts of Veg Fest are the delicious food samples and the fact that it’s free to attend. Unny Nambudiripad from Compassionate Action for Animals (the organization that runs Veg Fest) kicked it off by talking about CAA, how Veg Fest got started and what people can expect from the Fest. Next up was Shannon Kimball, Humane Education Instructor and Program Coordinator for Bridges of Respect, which brings interactive programs into schools to promote animal compassion. Shannon is also the Exhibit Coordinator for Veg Fest so he mentioned a few vendors and exhibitors he’s looking forward to, and he offered some advice to people considering going veg.

My dear friends from Comfort Candy and The Herbivorous Butcher jumped in on the last segment. Nicky Stewart shared what she uses to make vegan caramels and where to find her delicious sweets. Brother and sister Kale and Aubry Walch and teammate Kamini Balakrishnan told us about their ingredients for their amazing vegan meats and their plans to open a physical store (look for the Kickstarter campaign in November!). They also all shared favorites of each others’ products. I am so grateful to everyone who joined me in the studio, including the few that weren’t on the air – so thank you!!

Twin Cities Veg Fest is a free event that will be held Sunday, September 28th at the Coffman Memorial Union on the U of M campus from 10am-4pm and we all hope to see you there! If you missed the show, it’s free on iTunes here or the Sizzlin 99.9 RSS feed here.

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