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Guest profile: Urban Forage Winery & Cider House

urban forage

We all know about the booming craft beer scene in the Twin Cities, but the wineries tend to stay more on the outskirts. So when Jeff Zeitler told me about Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, I had to scope it out because as much as I’ve been trying beer, wine continues to be my go-to drink. He was kind enough to join me in the studio and he even brought dandelion lilac wine to share – it’s delicious!


I enjoyed picking his brain about the concept behind Urban Forage and about the intentions for the already-purchased space. Jeff and his wife Gita need $20,000 to purchase fermentors, a juice extractor and lots more. They chose Kickstarter as their launching pad, and the campaign kickoff party will take place October 17th from 6-9pm at Zeke’s Unchained Animal at East Lake and 36th Street in Minneapolis. Urban Forage will provide appetizers at the party and of course bring beverages to sample. On the show I asked about the Kickstarter rewards and let’s just say one involves a jail cell, a bottle of Urban Forage wine and a 1930s unopened safe. To hear the whole show, it’s free on iTunes here or for Android users here.



Twitter: @urbanforagewine


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