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Vegan Road Trip: The Raw Deal

Raw Deal signSince we had so much fun in Mexico, Chris and I quickly started figuring out when we could travel again and here we are! We put together a loop of vegan restaurants, cafes and breweries and I’m looking forward to sharing our travels.

First up: The Raw Deal in Menomonie, WI. The food is all raw vegan and we shared a Spinach Quiche and Turtle Cheesecake. Both were delicious! The flavors in the quiche were incredibly fresh and the cheesecake had a wonderful cream cheese-y flavor.They had several other desserts in the case as well as small entree options.

Raw Deal CheesecakeI went in thinking the whole place was vegan so I was a little surprised when the barista offered me cow’s milk with my coffee, but thankfully they had almond milk on hand. We headed upstairs and it was nice to get a good feel of how huge the place is. They have a really cool tin ceiling and beautiful exposed brick, and live music was about to start just as we left. There are books all over and some comfy couches for lounging; you can tell they’re really open to having people hang out for awhile which is awesome.

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From our table on the balcony, we had the perfect view of the bar and I perused the beer list. They make their own beer! It’s called Real Deal Brewing and we had seen a cute little growler at the register so I talked myself into buying one. After sampling the Driftless and Raw Rye (AKA Geoff), I settled on the Raw Rye because it was just a little more rich than the Driftless. I can’t wait to share it with friends!

The Raw Deal also has a selection of wine (another plus!), and they make juices and smoothies. I would definitely go back to try more of their desserts!

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To see more from the Vegan Road Trip, check out Chris’ blog Everyday Tastiness for his review of The Raw Deal.

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