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Vegan Road Trip: Day 2 Recap

DSCN5431Saturday was a little bit of a whirlwind but also a blast because Chris and I ate some amazing food! Our plan was to grab breakfast at a cart that sets up at the Capitol Square Farmer’s Market in Madison on Saturdays but perhaps it’s a bit too early because they were nowhere to be found. Happy Cow led us to a coffee shop called Mother Fool’s. They have an all vegan bakery case so we figured we couldn’t really go wrong. And we didn’t. We ended up sharing what’s been one of our favorite things on the trip so far and you can read my full review here. For now, here’s a big hint:

Mother Fools CRChris also looked at The Green Owl Cafe, an award-winning vegetarian restaurant (most items are already vegan) just a few minutes away from Mother Fool’s. We figured having something a little more substantial was probably a good idea… On the way, we found a place to park so we could admire the lake for a little bit, which is where the top picture was taken. We’d already spent a fair amount of time in the car, so sitting outside in the fresh air was a nice change. And the day was gorgeous so we got to sit on the patio at the cafe which was pretty darn perfect. I bought a few postcards at Mother Fool’s so I wrote those while we waited for our food to arrive. Even though the menu is diverse, Chris and I both ended up ordering Southern style dishes: I had the Crabby Cake Po’Boy and he got the Jambalaya. We both loved our dishes, so check out my full review here.


Photo by Chris

The entire time we sat on the patio, I stared at a building with CHOCOLATERIAN splashed across it, so when Chris suggested we take a short walk around the block after lunch, I was game. Just inside the door where we walked in, there are two big windows where you can watch them make the yummy goodness and once we arrived at the cases farther in, we were welcomed by five splendid vegan options nestled in among the other chocolate (we made sure to thank them!). Chris grabbed a Chocolate-covered Pretzel and I opted for the Almond Rocher then we headed back outside to admire some springtime flowers.

Chocolaterian 8From there we headed out of town to our next destination: Kenosha, WI. Sol D’Licious is a vegan restaurant and wellness spa, and right away we felt very welcome by the staff. We shared a Unity Juice (kale, spinach, green apple, carrot, lime, & mint) while we waited for our food and listened to the motorcycles zipping by – a true sign that spring has arrived. I can’t wait to tell you what I thought of the tofu Bac’n on my BST (Bac’n, spinach and tomato) sandwich -> click here for the review.

Sol Dlicious 3

Sol D’Licious

Our last stop of the day was Native Foods, a vegan restaurant that I would compare to Noodles & Co. Order at the counter, get a number and they bring the food out to you. Chris tried the Bangkok Curry and I had the Yo Amigo Taco Salad. I have many friends who have said wonderful things about Native Foods. Did it live up to the hype?? Check out my full review to find out.

And today we’re visiting the inspiration for the trip: Pig Minds Brewing in Rockford, IL. They’re a vegan brewery and the food sounds incredible so I’m glad I stretched out my stomach yesterday in preparation.

To see more from the Vegan Road Trip, check out Chris’ blog Everyday Tastiness.

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