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Vegan Road Trip: Final Day Recap

road trip 5

Almond Milk French Toast at Monty’s Blue Plate Diner

On Monday, I woke up knowing I was looking forward to going home, but there was still more food to eat! Monty’s Blue Plate Diner offers a separate vegan menu on their website and it sounded like the perfect breakfast spot. I couldn’t pass up the Almond Milk French Toast, and Chris ordered the Hash with Tofu Scramble. Check out my full review here.

road trip 6Chris had picked up information on the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and the drive from Monty’s only took two minutes so we headed over to give our food some time to digest. The conservatory is amazing and lush and I may have squealed when I saw that they have baby quails. They seriously looked like little chunky bundles of fluff and I wanted to squeeze them all. Make sure to watch the video in my post.

road trip 8

Fried “Chicken,” “Bacon” and Maple Waffewich at The Cheeze Factory Restaurant

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells is 100% vegan and was a nice way to round out our weekend food adventures. As soon as I saw Fried “Chicken,” “Bacon” and Maple Waffewich on the menu, there was no doubt in my mind about what to order. It didn’t quite live up to my expectations but I don’t regret trying it. And just wait until you see the cake we got for dessert! My full review is here.

road trip 9Chris was nice enough to swing by Burr Oak Winery in New Lisbon, WI, on the way back for me and after sampling a couple different wines, we selected two from the five above and a third to bring home. I look forward to sharing them with family and friends. Find more details in my post.

In turn, we headed to Minneapolis to try some juices from Truce even though I was ready to be home. It’s a 100% organic juice shop, and all the food they offer is vegan, too. Chris got the Immunity and I found the ginger flavor way too strong. I liked my Glow Greens juice, though.

All in all, the road trip was a great idea and I look forward to the next one, wherever that may be. I’ll be taking time to provide more detailed reviews of most of the place we stopped so I hope you’ll take time to read them once they’re posted. Like any trip, no matter how fun it is, coming home is a wonderful thing because it means I get to hang out with these two again.


4 thoughts on “Vegan Road Trip: Final Day Recap

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      There are some great choices on the menu but it does make me sad that this one wasn’t great. It showed up on the Easter special menu so I’m not sure how long it’ll stick around anyway.

  1. Bruce Cameron

    I didn’t know much about going vegan, but your comments are intriguing. And the photos… Wow! It sounds like the trip was a lot of fun.
    If you ever need a cat sitter, let me know.
    All the best, Bruce

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Some people make an abrupt switch but some people slowly cut out animal products. Everyone’s journey is different and I love showing that there’s delicious food out there to eat. We had a blast and I might take you up on that offer sometime!! 🙂

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