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Fringe Reviews: Storytellers

ptsdPost Traumatic Super Delightful: I heard such good things about this show that I rearranged my schedule to fit it in, and I’m so glad I did. Antonia Lassar performs a one-woman show about sexual assault on college campuses and incorporates multiple perspectives into the show. She plays a Russian woman who works at a college, a frat boy, a clown and more. This is not a pleasant topic but Antonia makes it very approachable by adding a touch of humor, in addition to her genuine likeability. To find out more about the show & where she’s performing next, click here.

broken bone bathtubBroken Bone Bathtub: Siobhan O’Loughlin has a super power: the ability to put on a show without feeling like you’re at a show and instead like you’re hanging out with a very dear friend. Yes, she performs Broken Bone Bathtub in an actual bathroom, in an actual bathtub, wearing only a pile of bubbles and the cast she received when she broke her arm in a bicycle accident in NYC. But somehow, it’s not weird. She’ll tell you the story of how it happened and how it’s not her fault, and maybe you can help her condition her hair or give her a hand massage. She’ll prompt you and the other attendees to share stories and make connections while she subtly incorporates her stance on social justice issues and before you know it, the hour is over and you’ll find yourselves wanting to hang out in the bathroom just a little longer. Siobhan is so gifted, and this is a special piece of theatre. To learn more about Siobhan and where she’ll be next, click here.

ding dong sing songDing Dong! Sing Song! The wonderful J Merrill Motz ( rhymes with “boats”) convinced me to see his show with his preview performance (to see the video, click here). I laughed my ass off, and I looked forward to it all of Fringe… because it was the very last show I saw. This show ended up being about so much more than a guy who delivers singing telegrams. It’s about remaining optimistic during times of struggle, persevering, and all of the other challenges we face as we come to terms with who we are and realize what we’re capable of doing. I’m in awe of Motz’s talent in putting together this complex and poignant show.

jonathan manchesterEverything You’ve Done That Hurt Me: Jonathan Manchester and Brian Ring found a notebook full of heartbreak in front of their apartment and turned it into a show. That’s so… fringey. Jonathan performs exactly what’s written in the notebook right down to the misspellings and side bars, which adds some much welcomed comic relief. Brian created three songs inspired by the notebook that serve as natural breaks. When combined, it’s still not a long piece, so Jonathan takes time to answer audience questions afterward. I think this helps some people realize that both men really respect the work and are not trying to belittle the writer in any way. This show sold well and received excellent reviews, and they completely deserved it. To read my pre-Fringe Q&A with Jonathan, click here.

phillip lowThe Secret Book of Jesus: Phillip Low’s title normally wouldn’t be one to grab my attention, but I wrote about his show for RedCurrent (find that article here) and it sounded just absurd enough that I thought I might enjoy it. And I did. Phillip is one heck of a storyteller, and he’s picked some strange stories about Jesus’ youth full of unfamiliar words that a lay person could easily trip over. Phillip’s a pro, though, and I didn’t notice even a single misstep. He provides a sharp delivery with just the right amount of theatrics that he easily kept my attention for the entirety of the hour. To learn more about Phillip, click here.

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  1. phillip andrew bennett low

    Hey there, Laura! Just wanting to take a moment to thank you — both for the interview at the top of the Festival, and for your willingness to take the time in the middle of madness to post a review. I’m grateful, it’s appreciated, and I’m delighted that you enjoyed the performance! Look forward to seeing you around town.


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