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My Second Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix clothesMy second Stitch Fix had me so excited, I hogged the work bathroom over lunch so I could try on everything. Despite striking out on my first fix (link below), I remained optimistic for the second one and I got some keepers this time! What I’m really loving about Stitch Fix is that the pieces aren’t necessarily things I would pick out on my own, so I think this will encourage me to be a little more brave when I go out on solo shopping trips.

Also, everything in my fix was a petite – bonus!!

Alice Blue Sarafina V-neck Blouse – $44

Stitch Fix Sarafina topThis top is adorable and I love it and I’m bummed that the SP is too small. I contacted Stitch Fix through the website and they don’t currently have a MP in stock. The colors and length are both excellent and the material is nice and light for summer but would look great with a cardigan for fall and winter. Le sigh.

Decision: return

Alice Blue Frey Roll Tab Blouse – $48

Stitch Fix button downButton-down shirts aren’t typically my thing, but I love the casual look of this top. Since it’s long, I can’t wear it with a regular pair of jeans (too baggy of a look overall), but skinny jeans and boots look great! I’ll have to figure out some fun jewelry from my current stash that goes well with it. The material is a lightweight polyester and will be perfect for fall.

Decision: keep

Liverpool Loren Bootcut Jean – $78

Stitch Fix jeans

I love the dark wash on these jeans, but even with the petite size, these are way too long. They’re also too small, so it’s not a matter of hemming. Also, this is more than I’d like to spend on a pair of jeans. Oh well! It inspired me to consider searching for some new jeans anyway, because the two pairs that I rotate are super old and a little baggy.

Decision: return

Papermoon Brandon Dress – $68

Stitch Fix dressI love the pattern on this dress and the SP is the perfect length – it skims the tops of my knees. It’s a little snug on top but that’s something we can work on, right? The detail I especially love is the lace at the tops of the shoulders. Check it out:

Stitch Fix dress detailSo cute!! This Papermoon dress is so sweet and feminine. It’ll be perfect for date night.

Decision: keep

Papermoon Neptune Racerback Top – $38

Stitch Fix tankThis top is great! The pattern is fun, and I love pop of blue in the back. It’s roomy and incredibly comfortable. The bottom hem in the front is a little shorter than in the back. Now we just need the weather to stay nice so I can wear it a ton before winter hits!

Decision: keep

Albeit a little delayed, this was a fun birthday treat to myself and I’m thrilled that three (very nearly 4) of the pieces worked out this time. I love seeing what others pick out for me! Christmas will likely be the next time I treat myself since it’ll be a great way to add some winter items to my wardrobe.

Do you have an all-time favorite piece you’ve received from Stitch Fix? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Below are the links to my first fix and for my referral code if you want to give it a try. Thanks for reading!

My First Stitch Fix

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself *click here* to use my referral code.

Thanks to Chris for helping with the pictures!

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10 thoughts on “My Second Stitch Fix

  1. Beth

    I’m so happy you have some keepers this time! I love, love, LOVE that dress! It looks great on you. One of my all time favorite Stitch Fix pieces is a Papermoon item as well, the top I wore on my Instagram yesterday. I also really love my striped dress from them as well though, it’s a toss up to my fave! I love both tops you kept and super sad panda about the one you had to send back and that they didn’t have an MP for you – because it is really pretty! I’m glad this has worked out so well for you so far!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thank you for the nice comment!! The top you’re referring to is so fun – such great patterns out right now. Thanks again for your referral, as well. 😀

  2. Cadry

    Cute stuff! I especially like how the Papermoon tank shows off your tattoos with the peekaboo cutouts in the back. The button-down top looks really nice on you too and will be a good transition piece for fall and winter. I just bought a dress from Vaute Couture, and so that covers my clothes budget for a bit. However, once we hit the cool months, it would be fun to do another fix and try to amp up my winter wardrobe.

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thanks for reading, Cadry! I happen to like the part about the tattoos, too. 😉 I’m glad you got to pamper yourself with a new dress; it’s always so fun when you can work it into the budget!

  3. Katie

    Love your pics! What a bummer they don’t have the first shirt in stock. I might do a stitch fix in the future, but at this point I’m pretty particular about what my closet actually needs.

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thanks for reading, Katie! I can understand being particular. If you need new work clothing, you can tell them that, too. It’s not just casual wear for what that’s worth. I hope the new job is going well! 🙂

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  5. bel gomez

    i love the colors and cool style, i guess light materials are used, one day i dreamed of wearing dress from the stitch and fix .. LOVE IT!!

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