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Minsgame Monday – A Preview

MinsgameBOSSMinsgame? What’s a Minsgame?

Earlier this year, I read a post from my friend Anthony of Break the Twitch called Our Minsgame Experience. Here’s how you play the Minsgame: on the first day of the month you get rid of one thing. On the second day, you get rid of two things. And so on and so forth until you’re giving away 30 things on the 30th day of the month.

If you’re hard core, you pick a month with 31 days.

I’ve spent a lot of time chatting with and reading posts by Heather from Simply Save and Sara from SocialSara612ย about minimalism, and we all agreed to play the Minsgame over the month of November. Sara’s husband, Marc, and Chris also said they would play. When I texted Anthony to let him know, he jumped on board for another round. By the end of the month, we’ll each have gotten rid of 465 items.


The tabbies think this sounds exhausting.

Some background info

In December 2012, I moved from a townhouse into a studio apartment in Uptown. You’ll be shocked to learn that this required a significant amount of downsizing. Then, in February 2015 I moved in with Chris and I got rid of even more stuff. I took a good, hard look at my books that I wasn’t reading and decided to keep only the books that I had read many times over, and a few collections of authors I love (i.e. Jodi Picoult).

I got rid of clothes and accessories. I got rid of gifts I’d been hanging onto because they were sentimental. I got rid of the bedding that had been living in the drawers under my bed since I moved into the studio.

So where does that leave me? Haven’t I gotten rid of enough stuff?? On one hand, I’m admittedly a little nervous about my ability to get rid of 465 things. On the other hand, there’s this dresser…

dresserThis dresser holds relatively few clothes compared to the junk that fills most of the drawers. You know how you get stuff that seems useful, like you’ll probably use it someday so you hang onto it but never end up using it? That stuff is in those drawers.

All of this tangible stuff that takes up physical space also clutters up the mental space in my head. Every time I open a drawer to look for something, it stresses me out because I don’t know where anything is. And if I don’t know where to put something new that I won’t use much, in it goes, never to be seen again. This also stresses me out to know that I shouldn’t hang onto whatever I’m hanging onto.

There’s a clipboard, a stapler, a 3-hole punch. For all that office work that I don’t do at home.

There’s nearly an entire drawer full of stationery for all those letters I’ll never get around to writing.

I’ve gone to events where I get a swag bag, like Chicago VeganMania, and they’re packed with coupons for items I never buy. But hey, maybe now that I have a coupon, I’ll try them out. Right? Wrong.

It’s time for all of it to go, and in November, I’ll make it happen. I want to clear out my physical space in order to clear out some mental space.

So where do you come in?

Play the game

Anthony, Heather, Sara and I are asking you to play the Minsgame with us. Commit to departing with 465 things, and see how it affects you. We’ll each post an update every Monday in November, and if you’re a blogger we’d love for you to share a post as well. If you’re on twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #MinsgameBOSS to join the conversation.

Throw away the junk. Donate gently used items. Sell things on Craigslist, Facebook garage sales, eBay, etc. (Perhaps this is cheating, but I already have movies that are ready to make the journey to Half Price Books.)

So… are you in? Check out the others’ posts below to read about why they’re playing, and comment to let us know you’ll join us! We also started a Facebook group so people can support each other if you’d like to participate.

Break the Twitch

Simply Save


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15 thoughts on “Minsgame Monday – A Preview

  1. Beth

    Loving this so much! I just read Sara’s post and now after reading yours I’m even more pumped up to do this. I might need to twist Nate’s arm a bit, but I think even he could stand to get rid of some books, DVDs, etc. I’m in!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Just tell him Chris and Marc are doing it – he can’t say ‘no’ after that, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think it’d be fun for you two to even do as a couple; it could be part of your Tuesday night finance date! <3

  2. Sara

    I’m so excited to be doing this with you…don’t be nervous! You can do it. I love that we convinced (forced?) our significant others to join in. Almost 1000 things from our homes…wow! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      OMG, I know. And you’ve already gotten rid of SO MUCH! It’s going to feel amazing. Happy to be in it together, that’s for sure. ๐Ÿ˜€

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