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Minsgame Monday – Week Four

MinsgameBOSSEek! We’re nearly there!

I really struggled with the Minsgame last week because I was overbooked (how convenient that I talked about my FOMO problem in my Week Three post, right?). And now that we’re in the high double digits, I need to be a little more thoughtful about my sorting. Seeing all the posts in the Facebook group was encouraging but also stressful since I felt like I was falling behind.

Like many people have mentioned in the group, at the beginning of the month it wasn’t a big deal to miss a day and play catch up. But now, say you skip Day 20… well, on Day 21 that means you need to pick 41 things. UGH. To give myself a little credit, the movies I sorted before the month even started are covering Days 20, 21, 29 and 30 so I have a little bit of wiggle room right now.

Yesterday, I finally had a little bit of down time so I reassessed. In my preview post, I said that my dresser was the big thing. I’ve been taking a little from each drawer every day, so I finally consolidated to get a better idea of my progress. And voila!

minsgameBOSS drawers

I’ve purged enough stuff to have TWO empty drawers! And it’s hard to tell, but these are good-sized drawers. I also finally sorted through two bags of randomness and can now use them for their intended, reusable purpose. 2 drawers x 2 bags = Day 22 for me. We make our own rules, after all.

Another exciting moment from this past week involved Sara and I meeting Shannon Slatton from Channel 12 News at the New Hope Arc’s Value Village for an interview. We were happy to have the chance to promote our official donation center for MinsgameBOSS. The segment will air Wednesday, 11/25. You can check their YouTube channel after 5:30pm CST to watch the segment, and I’ll be sure to include it in next week’s post.

minsgameBOSS Arcs Value Village Interview

There’s no snow on the ground yet, but it’s definitely winter coat weather!

As the month has progressed, I’ve enjoyed reading blog posts from others since everyone has their own thoughts on the game. These include Setting My Intention, The Beth Next Door, Design | Media | Life, Andy Likes Things, The Minimalist Community and B’s bytes. If you’ve written about your Minsgame experience and I didn’t include it, please leave a comment below with a link! These posts really show that minimalism can be for anyone and everyone.

Several folks have started addressing digital decluttering. This can range from unfriending and unfollowing on social networks to unsubscribing from emails to deleting old files. I found this idea helpful when I started to struggle because it was surprisingly easy to find contributions for each category. My inbox still feels busier than I’d like, but at least it contains more of what I actually want to read now.

I’ve also started looking at places I didn’t think I would, like my jewelry. I realized I have a few staple pieces that go with everything I own, and I find myself wearing these pieces most often. So when I went to the New Hope AVV for my interview, I donated these 18 pairs of earrings and one ring.

minsgameBOSS jewelry

Has anyone else found a “surprise” category to minimize throughout #MinsgameBOSS?

Now click the links below to read about Heather, Sara and Anthony’s Minsgame adventures. If you’re interested in playing, just do it! You can even wait at this point and start in December or January. Don’t forget to use #minsgameBOSS when posting on Instagram and twitter. We’d also love for you to join the Facebook group.

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10 thoughts on “Minsgame Monday – Week Four

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  2. Heather @ Simply Save

    I haven’t found a surprise category yet, but I’ve found myself going back to things. For example, I went through my jewelry in the beginning and had 2 similar necklaces and got rid of one. Then last week I went found myself going back through my jewelry and got rid of that other necklace! Even in the short span of a few weeks my perception has changed.

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Oh, funny! Going back to things is really smart; I honestly can’t believe how much jewelry I’ve donated this month. And I’ll admit that there are a few things I thought I’d keep that I’ve now said “goodbye” to and it wasn’t even difficult. So awesome! 🙂

  3. Beth

    Thank you for the shout out! And I can relate to the challenges of keeping up – I originally thought my weekends would be when I’d get a bunch of things done and even get ahead, but I’ve been so busy on the weekends that those are the days I’m falling behind! I’m definitely learning a lot as we go through the month and I’m giving myself permission to not feel bad if I fall short of the goal, it just gives me motivation to give it another attempt later!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      You’re welcome! That’s a great mentality to have. I know I’ve already purged over 465 things, so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. Knowing that you’re hoping to move eventually, I’m sure it’ll be awesome to have minimized before you have to start packing everything up.

  4. Sara

    I haven’t found too many random areas but I am surprised at just how much EACH area I address results in things being discarded (or donated, recycled). I made the decision early on that my accessories was one area I was comfortable having “a lot” of. Accessories/jewelry are my thing. But when I decided one day just to look, it resulted in 19 things, gone! My mindset has REALLY changed the more this month goes on. Also, congrats on that HUGE accomplishment–2 drawers in your dresser is awesome! 🙂

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thanks, lady! I’m definitely surprised you got rid of a few pieces of jewelry, and even though I don’t always tell you, please know that I am always impressed by your accessorizing. 🙂 I’m excited to continue following along on your minimalism journey!!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      You’re welcome! I appreciate all of your contributions to the group, and I really enjoy everything you write. This has been such a fun way to connect to new people, and I think you’re really doing an awesome job with the Minsgame! 🙂

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