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Minsgame Monday – It’s the end of the month!

MinsgameBOSSWe made it! It’s the end of November and the end of the Minsgame. For me, anyway. I hit my 465 items, and then some, which feels amazing.

I have to extend a ton of gratitude to The Minimalists for coming up with the Minsgame to help ease me into the idea of getting rid of so much stuff. The Facebook group has also provided support and inspiration, and there are many participants who are going to keep going which is awesome! We’re keeping the group open for those that want to continue, and we’ve offered to check in with people at the end of May to see if anyone wants to play again in June, even on a smaller scale during the first two weeks as a refresher. I think most of us plan to keep up our minimalist mentalities, but I know some want to take a break and then keep going at a later point in time. And some people are going to call it good now, and that’s totally ok, too.

In last week’s post, I mentioned that Sara and I were interviewed by Channel 12 News, and the segment aired on Wednesday. Here’s the video!

We’ve loved supporting Arc’s Value Village during this process, and of course will continue to support this wonderful, local organization. We’re heading into the season of giving, and your donations help keep them going. I’ve been saying all year that I need to do more volunteering, so I’m committing to taking on at least one volunteer shift at AVV by the end of January. If you’re interested in helping them out, click here for more information.

So what have I gained from playing the Minsgame? I mentioned in my preview post that my physical items also occupied mental space, and now that I possess fewer items, my head space feels lighters as well.

I’ve gained a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings this month.

Helping out a local organization like AVV feels great.

Inspiring others to take this journey feels great.

Having those people support me in turn feels great.

Finally allowing myself to get rid of things feels great.

Writing about it feels great.

Day 25

Day 25

While I don’t feel like I’ve shared mind-blowing insights each week, I’ve really looked forward to writing these posts and sharing my minimalism journey. We all have personal growth areas, and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Having so many others share seemingly silly things they’ve held onto for so long has helped me realize I’m not a weirdo for hanging onto so much stuff. It’s always a nice feeling when you learn you’re not alone!

If you’re interested in playing, just pick a month and do it! Stephanie posted a link to 52 Weeks To Get Organized where you focus on one area of your home each week for a year. I love this idea, and it could be a good next step for those who successfully completed the month and want something else to work on.

I’m excited to further challenge this new mentality of being thoughtful about what I bring into my space and why I decide to keep certain things, as well as being more thoughtful about how I spend my time and money in general. Sending many thanks to Sara, Heather, Anthony and everyone else who’s been a part of it!!

Now click the links below to read about Heather, Sara and Anthony’s Minsgame adventures. Don’t forget to use #minsgameBOSS when posting on Instagram and twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Minsgame Monday – It’s the end of the month!

  1. Beth

    Great final thoughts – I really enjoyed playing along with you guys this month, I’m very curious about the 52 week challenge, I might have to look into that as well!

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  3. Heather @ Simply Save

    It was so great collaborating on this week you! I glad it was such as positive experience for you as well! I love your thoughts on personal growth. You’re right, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You have to be aware of these things in order to continue growing! Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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