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Throwback Thursday – 7.28.1994 & 7.29.1994

journalI went to Jon’s for about 5 hours today! I’m glad we spent that much time together before he left. We are getting REALLY serious. And I do mean REALLY serious. but I’d rather not going into details.

He leaves tomorrow for a week. =( I’m gonna miss him.

At least having Carrie come will be a good distraction.

I saw Poetic Justice (again) and In The Line Of Fire. Both are really good. Don’t feel like writin’ no more. BYE!


Well, Jon left earlier this afternoon. I miss him already. Without Jon, I have no one to talk to these days. Libby’s gone and I haven’t talked to anyone of my friends for awhile. I’m glad I got to spend so much time with him before he left. We spent half the time making out. I love Jon so much. I hope we’re together a long time.

My mom has 2 Korean friends over and they are SO loud. Maybe I’ll go over to the Smith’s house in a little bit and shoot some hoops.

I got to check on Boo Boo today and he was SO friendly. I think he just wanted some attention. He’s really a sweet cat. Just like my little Bear. I’m gonna read now. BYE!


Yep, more gushy Jon posts. Hang in there, friends. And I apologize for being unwilling to disclose details about our seriousness to my readers.

My Mortified audition is Saturday! They said it’ll take about 45 minutes, and I have to pick out 5-10 entries to share. It sounds pretty informal, but I’m sure there will be lots of questions.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check out The Beth Next Door as well.

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – 7.28.1994 & 7.29.1994

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      I remember reading this entry when I first cracked open this notebook and shaking my head at myself then. I was very silly, that’s for sure. And thank you!! I’ll be sure to let you know.

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