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Throwback Thursday – 7.30.1994 & 7.31.1994

journalI called Shawn today and talk to him for a little bit. When I called him he had batter all over his hands so he had to call me back. It turns out that he was making chocolate chip cookies. For some reason I can’t see Shawn making cookies. Oh well.

Shawn is my best guy friend. Next to Jon, anyway. I think if I wasn’t going with Jon, I would ask Shawn out. We spent a lot of time together in band and science. (We were also in English together but we never sat by each other.) We almost ALWAYS sat by each other in band cuz he was last clarinet and I was first oboe. And science was always exciting with Shawn around. He was always getting into trouble with Mrs. M. Well, it’s 11:00pm so I’m gonna go. BYE!


Well, I made invitations for my party today. Since it’s Sunday, I hafta wait till tomorrow to mail them. I invited 5 girls. I feel bad about having a just girl party cuz of Jon. Well, he’ll understand. Everyone’ll come at 4:00pm so maybe he’ll be able to come over before then. A little before 5:00pm we’ll leave for Valley Fair and come home at 10:00pm. Then everyone will spend the night.

I just remembered that I hafta let my grandma know what I want for my birthday. I’ll make a list right now and send it to her. BYE!


Wow, is that a great mentality or what? “I have a boyfriend, but I also have a backup. Ya know, just in case.” Haha.

So now we begin the birthday build up to the big 1-3. I know you’re sitting on the edge of your seat now!

My Mortified audition was Saturday morning, and it basically entailed reading entries to 3 people (Amanda, Theresa and Will) for 45 minutes or so. I have to say, reading them aloud is a much different feeling than writing them out for people to read themselves. I felt a lot more silly about how I was when I was younger, but they actually laughed at what I wrote which I found reassuring. During the couple blocks I had to walk from where I parked to the building, I’ll admit I had a sense of doubt about it. Like what if they didn’t find them as funny as I do? But they did, so yay! From here, they’re going to connect me with someone who’ll help me develop my story arc so I have 8-10 minutes of material to read at the show on Feb 27th. I can’t believe it’s really happening!!

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – 7.30.1994 & 7.31.1994

  1. Beth

    Ok that’s too funny about having a “backup” to your boyfriend. And I’m pretty jealous of your summer birthday and Valleyfair right now. Well, my 13 year old self is I should say 🙂

      1. Laura VanZandt Post author

        Thanks, Beth! I will definitely let you know. I’m sure I’ll even make a FB event for it. 🙂 I’m glad that I still enjoy having a summer birthday as an excuse to get people together somewhere outside!

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