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Review: The Trump Who Stole Christmas at Brave New Workshop

the trump who stole christmas brave new workshop

Tom Reed, Taj Ruler, Ryan Nelson and Lauren Anderson

Christmas may be over, but there’s still plenty of time to head to Brave New Workshop to enjoy The Trump Who Stole Christmas. Or rather, Trumpmas, as The Donald has declared. Sketch after sketch will have you in stitches, even right off the bat as the cast recites their own spoofed version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Ryan Nelson embodies the cocky, snarky, ridiculous nature of Donald Trump so well; he is definitely the perfect choice for this role. You’ll see him flit in and out of the show, and the funny/sad thing is, you never know if the quotes he spews are real or made up.

There’s a mix of other sketches revolving around holiday themes, like the church choir director who enlists his choir to sing a song he wrote about his wife divorcing him. And you’ll want to learn all about the latest and greatest wonderdrug to help get you through the holidays. Perhaps you know someone who’ll enjoy Famous Songs of the 60s that have a holiday twist featuring only the best artists of the decade (CCR or The Everly Brothers, anyone?).

One of the aspects I especially love about any show at BNW is they’ll poke fun at anyone and everyone. Target? Check. OCD? Check. Paleo diets? Check. No one is safe!

These folks are not only hilarious, they are intelligent beyond my comprehension in the way they’ll tie sketches back to one another and I never see it coming. Being funny is one thing, but this is a power team of wit. In addition to Ryan Nelson, you’ll get four of my faves: Lauren Anderson (one of Lavender Magazine’s Theater Artists of the Year!), Bobby Gardner, Tom Reed and Taj Ruler. Combined with artistic director Caleb McEwen, music director Peter Guertin and technical director Matthew Vichlach, you really can’t go wrong. Just make sure you take the time to read their bios in the program to learn how each would make the holidays great again if they were president. Some of them even encourage tweeting your vote for president out to the masses, and you can use #TrumpBNW.

brave new workshopI attended the show with Chris, Sara from SocialSara612 and her rockstar husband Marc from American Bootleg. At intermission, we ordered drinks, and I enjoyed a Hot Apple: 2 Gingers Whiskey with hot apple cider. Delicious! I was also tempted by the Naughty Elf, Spicy Santa and Tainted Toupee so if you go and try one of them, please be sure to let me know what you think!

Sticking with holiday show tradition, BNW rounds out the show with their own rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s so Minnesotan, you can’t help but love it, and they change it up a little every year. This one happens to have a delightful Star Wars reference, but that’s all I’ll say about it. Winter is tough, but Brave New Workshop is a bright spot to help get you through. Head on over and check it out!

The Trump Who Stole Christmas runs now through Jan 30. Click here to purchase tickets. Tickets are also already available for their next show, The Working Dead.

Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre

824 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55403

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  1. Beth

    Man, I haven’t seen one of their shows in a long time – I always loved the holiday ones though! If I can swing down there yet I just might, although the next show sounds pretty good too!

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