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Throwback Thursday 8.1.1994

journalToday, Matt (Sara’s boyfriend) and Joe came over. Joe lives by Jon so they know each other. Joe and Matt said that Jon’s house “might” have gotten egged, TPd and his basketball hoop “might” have been tipped over. I really hope they were lying.

Tomorrow I invited Laura W to go see The Client. Sara, Matt, Craig & Amanda were planning on seeing it so I decided to go, too. Laura is also spending the night. I consider Laura my one and only TRUE best friend cuz I’ve known her since kindergarten. She’s a really great friend. BYE!


Well, Joe and Matt came back again after dinner. Except instead of riding their bikes, they were on a motor scooter. Soon, a bunch of the neighborhood kids had flocked around us.

Joe’s a good friend. He was kinda ticked cuz Matt and he had come to see Sara, but she always went off somewhere with Libby. Oh well. Joe’s really nice. Everyone’s getting on his case cuz he’s decided not to cut his hair or shave for 2 months! His hair doesn’t look THAT bad (with the exception that ANYONE could tell that it’s too long in the back), but he WOULD look a little better if he shaved.

Everyone started getting on my case after that cuz Jon doesn’t shave. I think he does shave, with the exception of his mustache. And Sara just HAD to go and tell everyone that she caught me and Jon on the verge of kissing. She asked me, “What if mom or dad had walked in?” (We were a little obvious.)

I thought

#1) Mom or dad would have knocked.

#2) SHE should have knocked in the first place.

Oh well. Mom or dad HADN’T walked in so what does it matter? BYE!


Happy 2016! I hope you enjoyed the first Throwback Thursday post of the year. I guess I had a lot to say on 8.1.1994 because I ended up writing three posts that day. And what about those pesky older siblings, huh?

My biggest piece of news is that I’m not going to be on Mortified. I misunderstood what was happening, and I’m bummed but there’s a possibility that I’ll be on it before the end of the year! Assuming the first show goes well, they’ll have 2 more shows in the Twin Cities during 2016. And I’ll still be at the show Feb 27, so please come join me!

If you’re interested in my recap of 2015, click here. Also head over to The Beth Next Door where you can enjoy her Throwback Thursday posts.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 8.1.1994

  1. Beth

    Ha, we both talked a little about friend stuff today. And too funny about the shaving. And sneaking around parents, lol. I never had to deal with nosy siblings thankfully. I’m still excited for Feb 27th even if you won’t be in it now, it will still be fun to go!

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