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Throwback Thursday 8.3.1994

journalI’ve got a MAJOR problem on my hands. Carrie. She arrived today. Well, actually, last night. Tried calling last night when at movie. Left no message. Hasn’t called today or TRIED phoning. Spent day with Jess. Carrie & Jess walked over here. Saw Sara & Libby, turned around. Dillon wouldn’t let them up driveway. Dillon Jess’s little brother.





Makes no sense.

Why wouldn’t Carrie want to at least TRY to see or talk to me? BYE.

PS Apologize for caveman talk.

PPS “The Client” – good movie!


Ok, so this post is a little weird. But also interesting to me because it’s a glimpse into my anxiety. I only started recognizing my anxiety in my adult life, but in reading through my journal, it’s obviously something I’ve dealt with since I was young. It’s so much easier to deal with now that I’m older (and have a wonderful therapist), and I can only wish someone had helped me recognize it back then.

I guess I can at least be grateful that I had an outlet like writing to try to sort through some of these feelings.

And obviously I wasn’t so upset that I couldn’t give a 2-word review of The Client, haha. Priorities, right?

In Mortified news, I met with my story curator, Amanda and we’re starting to edit down my posts for the show. Everything will be original content, we won’t be re-writing anything, but to really stick with the message of my segment we’ll end up removing a few lines here and there. It’s going to come up so quickly!

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 8.3.1994

  1. Beth

    I can’t believe how fast Mortified is coming up! And I can relate to the friendship hurts – I had a very tough time in middle school (I started my TBT a little past some of that stuff). But like you, I’m glad I had an outlet to release some of the pent up things I had going in my mind, writing was therapeutic then and it’s therapeutic now!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      I’m glad it’s something you can relate to. I feel like I’m coming across more and more people who are learning how to manage anxiety, and it’s so nice to find people going through similar things. <3

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