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Throwback Thursday 8.4.1994

journalI STILL have not talked to or seen Carrie. She was supposed to see her aunt and uncle in Duluth today, but I think she might’ve stayed with Jessica. Why? Cuz we (me, Sara & my mom) went shopping and she left a message for me to call her at Jess’s. I called when we got home – no answer. How dare she keep me from Carrie! She’s my friend, too.

Carrie’s coming over tomorrow – she already said she would. If Jess tried to stay with Carrie – tough, I’m NOT letting her in my house.

When we went shopping today I got a Looney Tunes watch. It’s Sylvester’s arms as the hour and minute trying to catch Tweety on the 11. BYE!


Apologies for skipping last week! I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seats wondering how the Carrie Saga would develop. My head is all over the place these days. I formally accepted a position as the Community Manager at The Herbivorous Butcher! I’ve done some part-time work for them already, including handling Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for them over their insane but amazing Grand Opening weekend Jan 23-24. In the meantime, I’ve been tying up loose ends at my current job to make it as easy on my replacement as possible, since they’ll likely get little to no training with me.

And thus, most of my blog writing has fallen to the wayside for a short bit while I make this wonderful transition. Mortified is still on for March 11 and tickets are sold out!! Thanks so much for checking in, and hopefully I’ll have posts up more regularly soon.

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