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Throwback Thursday 8.9.1994

journalWell, I’m all set for school. We went to registration yesterday. We also bought all of the supplies we need. I have a REALLY easy schedule to follow. My locker number is C184. It’s on the edge in the hall so I get a LOT of space. I feel sorry for Sara cuz she has a corner locker and is gonna get squished.

Anyway, here is my schedule:

Room # | Teach | Class

20 | Mr Alvin | Industrial Art

Gym A | Ms Staehling | Gym

104 | Mrs Wilde | Earth Science

224 | Miss Ehr | Geometry

211 | Mrs Eisenthal | Lunch 1/Step 2 (Lit Mag!)

204 | Ms Carlson | Civics

210 | Ms Delebo | English

121 | Mrs Maeda | Band

Libby is in my science, geometry and band (every other day) classes. JK is also in my geometry class and so is KS who is also in my lunch. =( We’re both doing the literary magazine so we hafta be in it together. I have already found out that all of my teachers are nice or good, so I’m not too worried.

Tomorrow’s my birthday!

My grandma is taking Sara and me to lunch. My mom was gonna try to get off of work (so it could be a “girls” thing), but I guess she couldn’t. Oh well.

Libby, Laura and Anne are all coming about 4:00. We’ll at LEAST open presents. If we have time we’ll have cake, but if we don’t, then it can wait till after Valley Fair. Sara and Matt might stay with us, but I’m not quite sure. BYE!


What was your favorite subject in school? I was a band geek and loved playing oboe, so I always looked forward to that class. Especially with Mrs Maeda because the oboe was her primary instrument and she was a fantastic teacher in general.

I got to meet with the others reading at Mortified on Sunday, and it’s a great group. We all read our entries to each other and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. (Ok, it was probably at the movie Sisters, if I’m being honest.) It’s hard to believe the show is coming up so quickly and I’m sure the evening will fly by. Bring it on!

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 8.9.1994

  1. Beth

    I love that you wrote out your schedule! I think I did that in at least one of my old journals, I’ll have to look. I also love how you talked about locker placement and Sara getting squished, ha! And I loved band, I played the flute and I had a close relationship with my band instructor too who also played the flute, she was a great mentor!

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