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Throwback Thursday 8.18.1994

journalThe 15th, Monday, we went to Redwing to hike and shop. We left about 9:45am. We picked up LW and AR and were off. 

Hiking was fun and kinda hard. We went to the top of a bluff and could see most of Redwing, along with a neon green house that REALLY stands out. After that we went shopping. I bought a Tiny Toons coloring book, a book of crossword puzzles and 5 little itsy bitsy bows which are really cute. I also bought a postcard to send to Carrie and a comic book for LW cuz she didn’t have enough money.

We ate dinner at Godfather’s Pizza and saw a cute guy that seemed to be glued to the pinball machine. On the way home we stopped at the farm where our old cat, Tiger, llives. We didn’t see him but we saw a bunch of other cats. There was one especially cute kitten that I fell in luv with. (They weren’t home, by the way, but we stopped to see the cats.) It was almost EXACTLY like Bear except it didn’t have the brown. It had all white paws and stomach and the rest was gray. And it was little! It was so cute. It licked my nose and played with my hair. I found out today that we could’ve brought it home with us cuz they already have about 20 cats. I would LUV to have that many. BYE!


And thus my love for cats lives on, haha. I’m still not much of an outdoorsy person, but I’ve been convinced to go on an overnight camping trip next month so we’ll see how that goes. I can tolerate one night in the great outdoors, right?…

Are you a camping kind of person? If so, I’d love any tips you have to offer – feel free to add a comment!

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