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Throwback Thursday 8.19.1994

journalI went to the mall with Jon today. I bought Tim McGraw’s CD “Not a Moment Too Soon” and gold marijuana leaf earrings. Jon bought a marijuana leaf on a chain. We actually held hands in public. We’ve never done that before. Don’t know why. BYE!


I think Sara enjoys being superior to me. She’s always acting like she’s my second mother or something.

I went to the mall again with Jon. We exchanged what we got yesterday cuz they broke. We saw In The Army Now starring Pauly Shore. It was really funny. Jon and I made out a little. For a long time he just sat there kissing my hand. I loved it!

We went to Pet Ranch and saw the cutest kittens!. And the little puppies were sooooo cute! We went to Aladdin’s Castle (the arcade) and had a lot of fun. We got tickets (Jon gave his to me, how sweet!) from skeeball and played 2 race car games in which I won both. We also played air hockey and Termination Day or whatever. All you do is shoot robots but it’s actually kinda fun. I had so much fun. BYE!


I read snippets of the above entries at Mortified, so writing this post brought me back to that fun night.

I keep telling myself I’ll get back to blogging about other stuff again eventually but it’s still really hard. My depression is still bad, and because of a big incident at work, I feel like I only started my job 3 weeks ago but in a higher position. It’s been a lot to figure out and incredibly stressful.

I miss writing, although it’s been nice doing some writing for The Herbivorous Butcher’s blog. I’m hoping to have time to put some new non-TBT posts up soon. Thank you for bearing with me.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 8.19.1994

  1. Beth

    I thought some of those posts sounded familiar! That was such a fun night.

    I’m sorry it’s still been a bit of a rough time. I didn’t talk about it much but I really struggled through my first few months at my new job too, transitioning to something new is no joke. Take as much time as you need, we’ll always be here ready to read when you are back to writing again!

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