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Review: Human Combat Chess: 2016 All-Stars by Six Elements Theatre


Walking into the gym of a church for Human Combat Chess feels like entering Narnia – you’re no longer in a gym in a church. You’ve entered a stadium where epic battles will ensue and victory will be achieved. Six Elements Theatre brings chess to life a la Harry Potter’s Wizard’s Chess in an exciting, action-packed, family-friendly show. They celebrate their 6th season of Human Combat Chess by bringing us an all-star lineup full of favorites from eight different teams.

You won’t receive just one match this time around, either. They’re bringing you three matches full of amazing fight choreography under the direction of Mike Lubke. You’ll see the standard broadsword and rapier duels, but my personal favorite is the battle of the axes. Diector Johanna Gorman-Bier doesn’t let the show go off the rails but allows the players just the right amount of wiggle room when it comes to developing their own character’s story and trash-talking their opponents.

human combat chess 2016 six elements theatre

This show is the real deal, friends, right down to the last detail. Skot Rieffer and Brian Watson-Jones provide colorful and informative commentary so natural that you’d never think that Human Combat Chess is a made up world. They play off each other so well and add an extra wonderful layer of entertainment.

And I have to hand it to this talented cast. They’ve learned intricate and hazardous fight choreography, which they must take incredibly seriously or they could legitimately be injured. This is a show you have to see to believe, and Six Elements does not disappoint with this well-executed show.

six elements theatre human combat chess 2016

Human Combat Chess runs through May 7. Click here to purchase tickets. Also be on the lookout for Brawl of America May 28-29, 2016.

Six Elements Theatre: Human Combat Chess

April 29-May 7

Christ Lutheran Church 

3244 34th Avenue South


Thanks to Chris for taking the photos.

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