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Week of November 3rd preview – I love a good deal!

herkimer1Sunday – Over the summer months, The Herkimer Pub became my home on Sundays because of the awesome brunch menu, the $10 bottomless mimosas (but not on Sundays during football season), the rock star staff and because of Blingo, hosted by the charming Ellie Blades. The crazy shapes you make that translate into prizes of the same include sweet potato fries, bacon, shots, beer and pancakes, and the final coverall round wins you a shining golden chalice and a $25 gift card (which I happened to win last time and will be using on Sunday). Football season has hindered my attendance because The Herkimer happens to be a Packer bar and gets crazy busy when the Packers are playing, so I’ve limited how often I’ve gone but they play Monday night so I’m giving it a shot. It’s free to play and goes from noon to 2pm; come check it out! Sunday evening I’ll be heading to The Cedar for the first time to see Lee Fields and the Expressions, with Sonny Knight and The Lakers. I typically don’t listen to soul music, but I’ve been wanting to check out The Cedar and yesterday they had a ticket giveaway on twitter that I happened to win and I’m not one to turn down free live music. All it involved was responding to their post with the word “Lee,” doesn’t get much easier than that. I’ve won tickets to shows in the past by simply retweeting as well.

Last Five Years

Monday – My friend Megan had told me about a musical called The Last Five Years that tells the story of a couple’s relationship, but we follow him from beginning to end and her from end to beginning. Comp tickets came up on Goldstar so I ended up paying $6 for a ticket because of the service fee. They still have discounted tickets available and the show runs through November 10th. I’ve driven by the Minneapolis Theatre Garage several times, but this will be my first time in the space and it’s the debut production of Flip! Theatre Co. which is exciting.

Tueday – Election Day! It’ll be my first time voting in Minneapolis and I have to figure out who my top THREE choices are for everything instead of just one since they’re using ranked choice voting. Decisions, decisions!

Wednesday – My connection at the Guthrie Theater hooked me up with tickets to Skiing On Broken Glass about two men with troubled circumstances who meet, and it’s unsure whether their relationship will be beneficial or detrimental to each of them. It sounds pretty dramatic but I’m sure there will be some good laughs to be had as well.

iron fork

Thursday – I’ve always loved watching Iron Chef, Top Chef, Chopped and various other reality cooking shows, and City Pages is hosting our own Iron Fork competition which includes a chef competition and a bartender competition, of whom all are local. I already had plans with three lovely ladies and when I got a City Pages Daily Deal email about Iron Fork (pay $12 for a $25 ticket; drink and food samples are included), I messaged them right away to suggest it. There will be six bartenders and six chefs competing, including last year’s chef winner Landon Schoenefeld from Haute Dish. Net proceeds will go to Second Harvest Heartland, so it’s for a good cause, too!

Friday – Thor: The Dark World opens in theaters and I’ve racked up enough points using the Viggle app (get free stuff by “checking in” to TV shows; I’ll probably do a separate post on it at some point in time) to get a free Fandango ticket up to $15 and I’d like to use that, but it’s not currently being offered as a reward, so I’m hoping it comes back before Friday.


Saturday – A couple weeks ago I received an email from Acme Comedy Co. about a free comedy show being recorded for Comedy Central and I signed up right away to get on the list. Yesterday I received a confirmation email, so I’ll be heading to The Cowles Center to see Tom Segura. I’ve been interested in checking out a couple shows at Cowles in the past but never got around to it, so this will be my third time going to a venue for the first time this coming week which is awesome. And I figure if Tom gets to have a special on Comedy Central, he’s probably a pretty good comic. So there’s my week. So much going on, but did you catch how much I’ve spent at this point? $18 total: $6 on The Last Five Years and $12 on Iron Fork. This is why I love twitter and why I’m subscribed to so many newsletters. You never know what kinds of deals will come your way!

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