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A show and a toast – fun and delicious times at The Lowry

I can’t believe the first Sizzlin show is over. The hour flew by! Megan and I had a great time, and thank you so much to those who tuned in. If you missed it and you want to catch up, you have two options.

1. Go to iTunes and search for “Sizzlin 99.9.” You’ll see “One Girl,Two Cities” listed and you can download the podcast for free. We would love for you to take time to rate the show as well!

2. Go to and scroll through the videos.

And of course I encourage you to check out the other shows that Sizzlin has to offer; there’s a great variety from sports to advice to pop culture.

hot toddyMegan and I headed to one of our favorite local hangouts, The Lowry, after the show where I experienced my first Hot Toddy – yum! I’m not a huge fan of whisky because it’s too potent for me, but mixed with honey and water and warmed up, it was perfect for a cold winter’s night. Megan had a cider and the French toast they had on special. Pretty much every entree I’ve had there I swear could be split between two people but it’s so, so good that you just want it all to yourself. The French toast is made with enormous slices of ciabatta and the special was topped with mascarpone and a mixed fruit compote. I love that they always have features but the problem is deciding what to order!

Long ago, Megan recommended the grilled cheese sandwich to me and I’ve made it my life’s mission to introduce every person in my life to the dish because of how amazing it is. They include a tomato chutney that adds a perfect sweetness to blend well with the sourdough bread and cheddar cheese. It’s an intense internal conflict every time because I want to inhale it but I also want to take the time to enjoy it as it so rightfully deserves. And get this: The Lowry serves the grilled cheese with a tomato soup and pesto shooter. PESTO. It’s perfect. If you haven’t be to The Lowry, start with this dish. Trust me.

Since we were celebrating the premiere of our show, I indulged in dessert and ordered the bread pudding. This is some serious dessert, people. At least two people could share it, if not three. Did I eat the whole thing myself? You bet I did. And I enjoyed every bite of the cinnamon-raisin, doughy, praline sauce goodness. I figured it would go well with the Hot Toddy and I was very correct. I can testify that the chocolate mousse cake and the butterscotch pudding are also deliciously decadent dessert choices.

So really the key point in this post is as follows: Go to The Lowry. Order the grilled cheese. Go back. Order anything else. You won’t regret it.

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