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Guest Profile: Statusfear Media


I first heard of Brad Gunnarson when I saw Statusfear Media’s MPLSTP clothing on some friends (if you do only one thing after reading this post, make sure it’s to check out MPLSTP apparel), then learned he also works with bands to accomplish any goals they may have, from increasing exposure to recording and more. I initially contacted Brad to hook me up with a band for The MSP Collective (And We Danced will be on July 16th), then realized it would be silly to not have him on One Girl, Two Cities, considering what an awesome role he’s playing in our community. Brad IS Statusfear Media – just him, no other employees, and he works a “day job” to boot. On the site you can see the bands he works with, along with the clothing line. We highlighted And We Danced and Reaping Asmodeia on the show and covered as much else as we could (including tacos)! The free podcast for the show can be found here. For those without iTunes, hit up the Sizzlin RSS feed here.


Facebook: or

Twitter: @statusfearmedia @MPLSTPlifestyle

Instagram: @MPLSTP

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