One Girl, Two Cities

RedCurrent Event of the Week: Derek Fawcett & Hope Country

RedCurrentStarting this week, RedCurrent will sponsor an Event of the Week on One Girl, Two Cities as well as the show overall. Friday, October 24th, Derek Fawcett and Brent Johnson of Hope Country will perform at Aster Cafe. Find details about the show here. Brent spent some time at the RedCurrent office this week performing a couple songs and playing MarioKart, and that article is here.

I also talked about MSP Mag’s Restaurant Week, some awesome theater that’s out right now and loads of other upcoming concerts, lots of which are album release shows. If you missed the show, it’s available for free on iTunes here (**there was a glitch so you need to get the 10/7 show) or for Android users here.

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