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Mill City Nights Brings the Rock

mill cityPathos Ethos and Cold Kingdom have both been on The MSP Collective so it was awesome to have them both on the ticket to open for Skywind and Emergent. I headed to Mill City Nights Dec. 20 and was excited to meet up with April from Ready or Not Entertainment. She has a YouTube show similar to the Collective called Meet The Locals and she’s interviewed Cold Kingdom and Emergent.

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This was my first time seeing Pathos Ethos and they killed it! Zac and Dan are both insanely energetic when they perform and the band sounded great. Cold Kingdom puts on a professional but powerful set and I would never guess they’re still a new band. I also hadn’t seen Skywind or Emergent before. Skywind was ok but they didn’t seem as put together and the lead singer’s voice is a little high for my liking. Emergent was incredible, though. The lead singer has a kick ass beard and he has a goofy stage presence that’s enjoyable to watch.

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Overall, this was the perfect hard rock show. Each band has its own sound, and there were some fun special effects. Mill City Nights wasn’t overly crowded and the high stage makes it easy to see from most places. The bonus for this show was I scored tickets from the bands for only $10 which is part of what I love about local music. It’s important to support them and it won’t cost you too much. The Twin Cities offer genres of all types, so there’s going to be something for everyone.

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