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Recap: Sean Anonymous Birthday Show at First Ave

sean anonymous posterSean Anonymous puts together a good show, and Saturday’s birthday show was no exception. The hilariously goofy Phillip Morris and Mark Mallman co-hosted to keep the show rolling and the hours sped by quickly. And as always, DJ Name backed up Sean and delivered the beats.

First Ave tweeted: For an upgrade to a table for tonight’s Sean Anonymous show; Name the single that he released last year. Must be present to win. While the floor wasn’t packed enough that I would feel smushed and overcome by tall folk, I had never sat at one of the tables for a show before, so I replied back with “Staring at the Sun” and before I knew it, we were whisked upstairs by the lovely staff to enjoy a great view.

Commanders Handsome opened and Chris compared them to a more contemporary Pink Floyd. I liked that the whole show wasn’t hip hop because sometimes it can sound monotonous by the end. With each progressive song, we kept turning to each other and saying, “I like this song,” so I’ll be keeping eye out for their next performance.

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Psalm One AKA Hologram Kizzie AKA the First Lady of Rhymesayers was next and while I liked her and her rapping, I found her Rapper Chicks kind of annoying. This is the second show I’ve gone to recently when a woman was wearing a dress that was too short and too small and watching them constantly pull it down is super distracting. Get your crap together, ladies. You can still look sexy by wearing clothes that actually fit you.

Before Mike Mictlan took over the stage, we got to see his new video for “so so Straynge” which gets a little weird and a little creepy but I enjoyed it. He delivered an energetic set, and I love that he’s kind of dorky (lots of thumbs ups) but cool enough to pull it off. He’s in Doomtree. Of course he’s cool. And in case you haven’t heard, their next album All Hands comes out Jan. 27!

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Finally, Sean came on and kept up his own and the crowd’s energy from start to finish. Various friends joined him on stage, including Phillip Morris, Metasota, deM atlaS, Greg Grease, Dimitry Killstorm, Slim Chance and Reason the Citizen. Lizzo and Sean are close friends but I knew she was performing at Varsity Theater… but… she came to First Ave! I will never complain about the opportunity to see Lizzo, and she and Sean are fantastic on stage together. Of course at one point we all sang Happy Birthday to Sean, and he grabbed a beer and went around the stage to “cheers” the crowd. He also stuck around after so fans could say hi at the merch table.

I love Sean Anonymous because you can tell he genuinely loves being on stage, and his songs have a good balance between serious and fun. He’s also probably the fastest rapper I’ve seen in person. If you get a chance to see him in the future, I highly recommend you go!

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