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First Impressions: The Wedge Table

wedge table service counterI’ve been a member of The Wedge Co-op for a few months, so I jumped at the chance to check out their new project on Eat Street: The Wedge Table. It’s basically a scaled down version of The Wedge but at the same time bigger and better in some respects. You’ll find it on the southwest corner of Nicollet and 24th, just south of the McDonald’s.

Both locations are fairly equidistant from my work and therefore equally dangerous. Why would I choose one over the other? There are a couple reasons.

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The *Co-op’s grocery inventory is much more extensive than the Table. Think of the Table more like a high quality convenience store: dry goods, paper products and a small refrigerated/frozen section. It also carries a sampling of produce. Both have a nice baked goods section – bread, cookies, cupcakes and more. I snagged an Earl Grey Lemon Loaf Cake which didn’t last long, it was so good.

Where the Table really excels is the counter service/dine-in options. I frequent the Co-op for lunch and always feel like I’m in the way when I’m waiting for my food (the service is always excellent, though!). Order at the counter, check out at the register, then wait for them to call your name IN A SEA OF OPEN FLOOR SPACE. My only worry is that they’ll fill it in with more product as it grows in popularity, but for now I’ll enjoy the breathing room.

I ordered a (vegan) veggie panini and after having a flavorless sandwich at another Uptown location that shall remain nameless just yesterday, this more than hit the spot. They have a homemade pesto, the veggies are fresh and the Daiya cheese adds even more flavor. Choose from an apple, orange, banana or chips as a side for a total of $7. The juices, smoothies and shakes are great options as well.

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I felt too creepy snapping a pic of all the people in the dining area, so I’ll just let you know that there is in-house seating at the Table. I was there just past noon and it was already pretty full so I think this will be a lunchtime hotspot, which I fully support.

Psst! They also have booze! The menu currently lists Bauhaus Brew, House Wine (red or white), Wine by the Glass, Prosecco Split and “Signature Cocktail.” I did not partake since I had to go back to work – darnit! – but I think it would be a fun spot to meet a friend for a casual dinner.

The Table is open from 7am-10pm daily (the Co-op is 8am-10pm daily) and the website states that they have a community room available for rent that fits up to 25 people. There is also a small amount of off-street parking on the south side of the building and plenty of street parking.

If you decide to check it out, please let me know what you think!

*The Table is part of the Co-op but I’m using this language for the ease of distinguishing between the two for the sake of the post.

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    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thanks for the comment! You definitely need to get there at the right time. It’s almost always worth the wait at least. 😉

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