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Vegan Road Trip: Day 3 Recap

road trip 1Sunday was Pig Minds Brewing day! They didn’t open until noon, though, and I’m an early riser so Chris and I had some time to kill. After tackling a couple hurdles in our attempt to get food (we had brought lots of snacks as back ups but wanted to experience as much food as possible, good or bad), we found ourselves sharing avocado tacos topped with black beans, corn, pico de gallo, mango and sriracha vinaigrette. We both liked the dish but the customer service wasbad enough that we wouldn’t recommend the place so it shall remain nameless.

road trip 2From there, we checked out the Nicholas Conservatory which was beautiful and had a fun butterfly house. I’ve already written about it and you can find that post here. It’s a great place for individuals, couples, friends or families to see.


Finally, we were off to Pig Minds Brewing! This wonderful vegan brewery was the highlight of the trip for me so I also already wrote about it and you can find that post here. We shared a flight of 10 beers along with a three-course meal, so make sure to check it out.

road trip 4Aside from Pig Minds and the restaurant that offers the avocado tacos, finding anything vegan-friendly in the Rockford area proved to be a challenge, so Chris and I headed back to Madison for the night. In the future, we’d probably stick to Madison and just make the drive to and from Pig Minds all in the same day since it’s only about an hour away. We’d been doing so much driving, Chris suggested we find a park and walk around to stretch our legs and enjoy the beautiful evening. This was a great way to end the day and we were so full from Pig Minds still, we didn’t even have dinner!

Make sure to check out my other road trip posts and to see even more, check out Chris’ blog Everyday Tastiness. Also, if you’re into motorcycles, head to Everyday Riding to see some of what we saw on the trip.

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