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Vegan Road Trip: Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse

Mother Fools SignWhen Happy Cow told Chris that Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse in Madison had an all-vegan bakery case, we knew we had to go. From the cookies to the scones to the muffins to the cupcakes, everything looked delicious. Since it was morning, we decided to go with a breakfast item and got a cinnamon roll to share. We were going to The Green Owl Cafe for breakfast which wasn’t open quite yet, but we needed something to tide us over.

Mother Fools foodChris ordered Chai and I got a basic coffee and we started working on the cinnamon roll. It wasn’t big, but it was fresh and soft. The baked sugar gave it just a little big of crunch and I know we could have each managed one on our own just fine because each half disappeared pretty darn quickly.

Knowing the cinnamon roll was so delicious made it pretty difficult to not get one of everything to go. Darn those baked goods! I ended up getting just a peanut butter chocolate cup to enjoy later.

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The barista was super friendly and helpful which always helps make a good experience even better. The selection of tea looked quite diverse, and I picked up a couple postcards to send to friends.

Vegan or not, Mother Fool’s has a nice, chill atmosphere and the food and coffee are excellent. Even if I was just passing through Madison, I would swing by to pick up a goodie or two.

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