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Vegan Road Trip: Native Foods

Native Foods signGoing into the road trip, I was already following Native Foods on Facebook and had heard great things from friends about it. It’s like a Noodles & Co. but all the food is vegan and made fresh daily. They originated in California and now have stores in Colorado, Oregon, Chicago, Washinton DC and Palm Springs. Since Chicago is only about an hour away from Sol D’Licious in Kenosha, Chris wanted to take me and I wasn’t about to argue!Native Foods locationsThe menu has a little bit of everything, from Asian to Greek, and from appetizers to dessert, including some seasonal specials. I was still pretty full from Sol D’Licious so I chose the Taco Salad: lettuce, cabbage, seitan taco meat, salsa fresca, roasted corn, green onion, cilantro and tortilla crisps with a side of chipotle dressing.

I really wanted it to be a good meal. And it almost was.

The blueberry hibiscus tea? Awesome.

The chipotle dressing? I would buy it by the gallon.

Unfortunately, it was the seitan taco meat that did the dish in. The crumbles appeared to have sat out for hours and/or were reheated two too many times. Whatever the case, I could barely chew them.

I know I should have sent the dish back, I do. Doing that makes me so uncomfortable for whatever reason and the optimist in me kept thinking that once I added enough of the chipotle dressing, the seitan would soften up. Not the case. So I picked around the meat and was able to enjoy the rest of the dish. And it made for a pretty photo, so that’s something, right?

Native Foods Amigo Taco SaladI knew the Peanut Butter Parfait would make its way to my plate, so when I went back up to order it, I did take a piece of the seitan to let the cashier know so she could pass it on.

As for the parfait, it wasn’t quite as peanut buttery and chocolatey as I was expecting, but it was sweet and creamy and just the right size for sharing. The cupcakes in the dessert case looked delicious and were piled high with frosting, and the oatmeal cream pies looked pretty amazing, too.

Chris had the Bangkok Curry Bowl so head to Everyday Tastiness to read his Native Foods post. I think next time I would try the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger or maybe the Chicken, Bacon & Avo Club.

Native Foods Peanut Butter Parfait I’m bummed that my first Native Foods experience didn’t live up to my expectations, but in no way does that mean I won’t try again! Do you struggle to send food back, too?

Make sure to check out my other road trip posts and to see even more, check out Chris’ blog Everyday Tastiness.

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