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Vegan Road Trip: The Cheeze Factory

cheeze factory signThe building that The Cheeze Factory Restaurant is in used to be Dells Cheese Company. The restaurant boasts itself as a 100% vegan & non-GMO establishment with a coffee bar, gluten-free options and “heavenly desserts.” Chris had heard of it already, and we knew it would be one of the very last stops on our road trip. Expectations were high, at least on my part.

cheeze factory espresso

Italian Espresso Float

We still had a few hours of driving left til we’d be home, so I decided I needed an Italian Espresso Float to help me out. I find espresso too bitter for my liking, so the “ice cream” was perfect to help temper the bite. It’s like an adult ice cream float!

The menu is pretty extensive, so it was tough deciding what to get. The House Specialties range from stir fry to spaghetti and meatballs, and sandwiches include burgers and “tuna” salad. I think it’s smart for a vegan restaurant in such a tourist-heavy area to make such familiar dishes, so anyone who ends up there can feel comfortable choosing something off the menu.

The brunch menu offers all the regulars: pancakes, waffles and scrambles. My eyes honed in on the Fried “Chicken,” “Bacon” & Maple Wafflewich: This sweet and savory dish combines two layers of waffles, a battered and pan-fried “chicken” cutlet, smoky tempeh “bacon”, all smothered in a decadent maple reduction. Served with a side of “sour cream”, fried banana and fresh fruit. We highly recommend this for brunch or any time.

Are you ready?

cheeze factory lunch

Fried “Chicken,” “Bacon” and Maple Wafflewich

I didn’t like it.

For one, I don’t think this dish is worth $15.95. The waffles appear to be cheap, frozen waffles and the maple reduction is gross. It’s incredibly sweet and I expected something like syrup, but this is definitely NOT syrup. The “chicken” and “bacon” on their own were okay but nothing all that special. I liked the fried bananas and fresh fruit, but the “sour cream” didn’t really seem to go well with anything. I was pretty bummed that the overall dish bombed that badly.

Next time I’d probably try the Rattlesnake Tofu or the Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.

We had to round out our meal with some dessert from the irresistible bakery case (check out the video above), and we settled on the Glorious Chocolate Cake. They embellished it with a candy heart and a heart in cocoa powder on the plate – super cute! I found the cake itself nice and moist, and both the mousse filling and ganache icing added a nice creaminess to it.

cheeze factory cake

Glorious Chocolate Cake

Chris ordered the Black Bean and Chorizo Tortada so head over to Everyday Tastiness to read his review, and you can see my other road trip posts here.

If The Cheeze Factory Restaurant was in the Twin Cities, I wouldn’t find myself going there too often, mainly because of the price. I like the variety of dishes, though, and it’s hard to beat all those sweet treats! They also do some outreach by hosting movies like Cowspiracy and Speciesism which I think is awesome. I’m glad we could support a restaurant with a mission I believe in.

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant

521 Wisconsin Dells Parkway S

Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

5 thoughts on “Vegan Road Trip: The Cheeze Factory

  1. two birds

    Whata bummer, it sounds so good! Now you know, I suppose. We plan on making a trip to the Dells this summer, so maybe I’ll check it out. I just won’t order that!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      I would definitely go back. Chris and I both liked what he ordered and the cake was awesome. They’ve got such a good variety! If you go, I’ll be curious to hear what you think. 🙂

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