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Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Art In Bloom

art in bloom erosArt in Bloom takes place annually at the beginning of May at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA). Over 100 florists and artists create a floral arrangement based on a piece of art in the MIA collection. MIA is always free to attend, and this event is no different. It gets busy fast, though, so I recommend getting there early! There’s a parking ramp, but if you get there early, I recommend parking a few blocks away on the residential streets and walking so you don’t get stuck in the crazy traffic when you’re trying to leave.

MIA celebrates 100 years this year, and they’ve planned 52 surprises – one for each week of the year. [Check out this RedCurrent article about Katie Hill who planned them all.] The 20th surprise is their campaign to acquire Eros, the sculpture you see above and designed by Igor Mitoraj, as an outdoor piece.

From MIA: Eros, depicted bandaged and marred by cracks, points out the contradiction between the ideals of strength and beauty and the inherent fragility of the human condition. Life is precious because it is fleeting. And love causes both joy and heartache. The post-modern monumental scale of Eros also suggests the glories and failures of entire civilizations.

art in bloom faucetThere’s always a big statement piece outside the entrance on 3rd Ave S and this year might be my favorite yet. I love how cleverly they made the flowers look like water along with the floating faucet.

"Your Dog" by Yoshitoma Nara

“Your Dog” by Yoshitoma Nara

“Your Dog” is always fun to see, and I love that the florists made him a cute little fire hydrant!! You can’t tell in this photo, but he has a bright red nose like Rudolph. And no, unfortunately you’re not allowed to climb on him.

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I always make a point to see if someone does something with “Tornado Over St. Paul” because it’s such a dark, intense painting. This year’s piece is creative and beautiful but doesn’t quite top the much more dramatic 2013 piece. Compare them above and see if you agree.

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Nick Cave is obviously a whimsical artist and his Soundsuits are a crowd favorite. Seeing that whimsy translated into a floral arrangement put a big smile on my face, especially with the Minion right out front!

Check out the slideshow below to see some other examples. Not all of the pieces will closely mimic their original inspiration piece, and it’s not a requirement to do so. Sometimes it’s a matter of using a similar color scheme. Regardless, it’s so much fun to see what the florists come up with and even the smells alone are a great reason to go to Art in Bloom.

I wish it lasted longer than one weekend because it’s not always easy to find time to go. But like I said, MIA is always free (and it’s even free to become a member) so go whenever you can to check out the exhibits, even if you only have an hour or so to spare.

Now head over to Everyday Urban Gardener to see what Chris thought of Art in Bloom.

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Minneapolis Institute of Arts

2400 Third Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

5 thoughts on “Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Art In Bloom

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      OMG, I think the exact same thing every time I go there! Well, except for the kid part. 😉 It’s such a great place and literally as affordable as it gets between free admission and tons of street parking nearby.

  1. Kati Rose

    I was so bummed that I couldn’t make it to Art in Bloom this year! It’s always one of my favorite events. The MIA is too under rated for it being free and full of good surprises!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      I agree completely and I’m sorry you couldn’t go. 🙁 Hopefully next year! I’ve only been to one Third Thursday which is sad. Have you gone to the Walker when it’s free the first Saturday of the month?

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