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My 2 Year Blogiversary

2 years oldIt’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing for two years already. Two years sounds like a long time, but it’s really not when you’re a blogger. In a recent talk with my friend Anthony from Break the Twitch, we brought up how funny it is that when you start your own site, it feels like it’ll be perfect and popular right away. You’ll have a clear vision of exactly what you want it to be and you’ll have tons of people commenting all the time and you’ll have this brilliant way to monetize it so you can live off of your blog money.

Yeah… not so much.

What I’ve learned in two years, though, is that what matters is you stay true to yourself when you’re writing. Don’t write for others. I’ve tried it and I’ve hated the result.

In my post A Little of Me, From A to Z, I mentioned that I’ve struggled to feel like I’m putting enough of “me” into my writing. I can think of a few posts where I’ve added a more personal touch (see links at the bottom) and it’s felt great. It’s taken these two years to finally feel comfortable adding in this extra layer here and there and really feel like I’m settling into what I want my site to be.

Over the past year, my interest in social media has grown a lot, and I took my first shot at writing about it in Tips for Bloggers: Maximizing Your Facebook Page Reach. I hope to add to this as I go because being social media savvy can make a big difference, and I’d love to help other bloggers with this.

Speaking of social media, I have a new project in the works!

TCTalkI’m starting a one-hour weekly Twin Cities twitter chat! It will be all about life in the Twin Cities, ranging from breweries to theater to live music to biking to healthcare and so much more. Have ideas? Please message me or tweet at me! I’ll also have some special friends guest hosting most weeks. Make sure to block off Monday evenings from 8-9pm and jump into the conversation using #TCTalk starting the first Monday in October.

minneapolis-happening-badgeOne Girl, Two Cities is up for an award! I’ve been nominated for Minneapolis Happening’s Happening List for the Best Blogger category. This was quite the unexpected pleasant surprise, and I’m up against some heavy hitters. It would mean the world to me if you voted for me because it would be such an honor to win.


I can never say this enough, but thank you for your support throughout this crazy writing journey. My passion for this remains strong, and it’s in part to all of the wonderful support from everyone.

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    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thank you, Kati! We still need to do a cross-collab at some point, too. It’ll be wonderful to have your input in the chat. 😀

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