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#TCTalk Recap 10.5.2015

TCTalk#TCTalk debuted this week and I couldn’t be more happy with how it went. If you’re on twitter, follow me @1girl2cities and jump on between 8 & 9pm every Monday. I kept things pretty general for the first chat, and after this we’ll have a specific topic each week.

This week we covered a lot of ground, with tons of amazing restaurants getting shout outs (pizza, anyone?), as well as the hot spots to take visitors. And I was admittedly a little surprised that most of the advice offered to TC newbies was winter-related because it’s not even on my mind yet! Let’s settle in and enjoy the little bit of fall that we’re getting, eh?

I can’t thank everyone who participated enough for making the hour so fun and I know the following weeks will get better and better.

Sara from SocialSara612 will join me as a guest host Oct 12 to talk about all things fall. I also have Beth from The Beth Next Door on board for Oct 19 for a craft beer chat and Kati from Constantly Seeking Wonder on Oct 26 to discuss local music. If you’re interested in guest hosting, please contact me and offer up a topic and date!

If you’re interested in all of the fun tweets that were shared, check out the link below.


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5 thoughts on “#TCTalk Recap 10.5.2015

  1. Beth

    I had so much fun at the first chat! I’m looking forward to Sara’s Fall chat and I’m very excited to co-host in a couple of weeks. I’ll shoot you a message later today or tomorrow with my question ideas! 🙂

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Sounds great! I’m looking forward to incorporating everyone’s knowledge into the upcoming chats. They’ll just get better and better. 😀

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