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Chicago: The Dragon Lady Lounge

road trip new.jpgWho doesn’t love a good after party? Once Chicago VeganMania wrapped up, we headed to The Dragon Lady Lounge which offers Korean and Korean-fusion cuisine – right up my alley! The place is long and narrow, but they had lots of seating set up to handle the masses. And more importantly, the bar was well stocked!

Clara, Amy, Steve, Chris and me

Clara, Amy, Steve, Chris and me

Chris started by ordering a pitcher of mojitos of all of us to share. They were sweet and yummy, but a little different than other mojitos I’ve had. It wasn’t carbonated, so it just wasn’t what I was expecting but we still blew through the pitcher pretty quickly. Then Chris and Steve got glasses of sangria, and Chris is a lightweight so he was acting pretty silly before long. The place also filled up fast, and we could feel the energy everyone brought with them from a fun time at VeganMania (future posts to come!).

kimchi pancakes dragon lady lounge vegan

Kimchi pancakes

Clara and I dove into the kimchi pancakes. They were fresh and not spicy, and I loved the sauce which was sweet with a dash of heat. My only complaint is that more sauce would have been nice. By the end, I was trying to ration the sauce even though I really just wanted to soak each piece in it. But seriously, check out those crispy edges — yum!

bibimbap platter dragon lady lounge vegan

BiBimBap Platter

After devouring the kimchi pancakes, I had to give the BiBimBap Platter a try. Isn’t the presentation so cool? It’s 5 veggies on white rice with kimchi, kimchi cucumbers, radish coleslaw and miso soup. The grayish noodles in the bowl and the miso soup weren’t that good, but everything else was delicious. The shredded carrots and the kimchi added a nice overall crunch, and the seaweed in the middle of the bowl was surprisingly sweet. What an awesome mix of flavors. I loved finding such a wonderful, traditional Korean dish.

burger dragon lady lounge veganChris excitedly ordered the veggie burger once the server assured him it doesn’t contain mushrooms (Chris hates mushrooms). It’s a pretty simple burger that comes topped with mustard, ketchup, red onion, lettuce, tomato and avocado. The texture was perfect, and he said it has really good flavor. This obviously is not traditional Korean fare, but I like that The Dragon Lady Lounge offers a good variety so that people with differing palates can enjoy it together.

Other items on their vegan menu include hot dogs, dumplings, tacos, and various platters and noodle dishes. Those who attended VeganMania packed the place, and I feel like the service remained consistently good throughout the evening. What a great choice to celebrate the end of a fun day!

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2 thoughts on “Chicago: The Dragon Lady Lounge

  1. Cadry

    Great review! I’ve never tried this place in Chicago. I had bibimbap in NYC and fell in love with it. I’d love to try it in other restaurants, but locally, options are scarce. I saw on IG that you recommended a place in the Minneapolis area as well. What is it, and have you reviewed it?

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