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Minsgame Monday – Week One

MinsgameBOSSSo it begins. We’re off and running with the Minsgame.

Well, maybe not running. After all, this is more like a marathon and not a sprint. So let’s call it a slow jog.

As this post goes live, we’re on Day 2 of the Minsgame already. If you happened to miss my first post, click here to read about my collaboration with some fellow bloggers (links at the end). As Sara, Heather, Anthony and I anticipated the start of the month, Sara talked about picking one significant item to use for Day 1. I knew right away that mine would be this ring:

ringI kind of laughed at myself because while I knew it had to go, I thought about how much I loved this Simply Save post by Heather about keeping a ring she loves. I bought the ring in the photo several years ago because I loved the design and the stones. I still do. But the thing is, it doesn’t fit me.

I was 30 pounds heavier, and every couple months for the past couple years I’ve slid the ring on each of my fingers just to double check that it really doesn’t fit me anymore.


Still nope.

Wait a second, maybe… No.

Ok, fine.

This ring has officially made its way to the donation pile for Arc’s Value Village. We have five AVV locations in the Twin Cities, and I like supporting them for lots of great reasons that you can read about on their website.

Now that we have that over with, what’s next? Oh yeah, my movies. I used to be an avid movie-watcher (if you follow my Throwback Thursday posts from old journal entries, movies will come up a lot), and now it’s pretty rare. Chris is a Netflix subscriber, so we watch a movie together once a week to every other week or so. Even when I was on my own in my apartment, I rarely watched movies. Or I’d watch the same ones over and over (LOTR. Boondock Saints. He’s Just Not That Into You.) But it seemed like since I had the movies, I should hang onto them because you never know when the mood might strike to watch one, right?


I know with a decent amount of confidence that I will NEVER watch some of these movies. They were gifts, or I bought them for cheap at Half Price Books, and I bought way too many when Blockbuster was going out of business (RIP). So I’ve really pared it down, and by the end of the month I’ll probably narrow it down even more.

I mentioned in my first post that I had a stack to take to Half Price Books, but then Chris told me about Amazon Trade-In. I downloaded the app, and once you find the Trade-In part, all you have to do is scan the bar codes and they’ll make you an offer. It defaults to the “good condition” but you can change it to “like new” or “new” depending on what you have. Most of my movies I left as “good condition” but there were two still in the wrapper so they increased the offer price of those.

lotrIn the end, I sent them 43 items and should get a gift card for $48.07 in return once they sort through them. You can print a free shipping label, the package must be sent by a certain date, and then you wait. One thing that helped me is I finally decided to part with my boxed set of the extended editions of Lord of the Rings on DVD. I have them on blu-ray and I know I’ll never watch the DVDs because of this. But I was hanging onto them because it’s my favorite movie, and the set is so pretty.

Because I sold them as a set, I got $18, which is not anywhere close to what HPB would have given me. Amazon didn’t take a lot of my movies, so 75 of them made their way to HPB and I got $20 which is good enough for me!

And ok, so I’m a little ahead of the game but this was honestly such an easy place for me to start, and I wanted to provide you with at least one tip in the first official post.

So what did you start with, and what did the item mean to you? Sending many thanks to those who are jumping onboard the Minsgame with us, and don’t forget to use #minsgameBOSS when posting on Instagram and twitter! We’d also love for you to join the Facebook group. Now click the links below to read about Day 1 for Anthony, Heather and Sara.

Break the Twitch

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12 thoughts on “Minsgame Monday – Week One

  1. Sara

    This is such a great tip. I had no idea there was so much potiential with Amazon trade-in…we have a closet full of movies, this will probably be something my husband deals with for his minsgame. 🙂 And the ring…it’s hard. It’s something you loved for years and would wear all the time…it’s like letting go of a part of yourself. But, if you can’t wear it or use it for another purpose, I like that you’ve come to terms with passing it on…letting someone else find joy in it. 🙂

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Most of the movies got me $0.39-0.59 but that’s still much better than HPB. If it helps Marc, I tried to narrow down the genres and pick my favorites from there. Like favorite comedy, favorite drama, favorite sci-fi, etc. And I’m sure someone else will love the ring just as much as I have; it feels great to finally letting go of it. 🙂

  2. Beth

    I haven’t even looked into Amazon trade in! What a great idea! I told you on Instagram – I have that exact ring! But I totally understand your getting rid of it. Truth be told, I should do the same with mine, some of the stones have fallen out and it’s not even that really sentimental to me! And yes with movies – thanks to streaming, we rarely pull out movies from our vast library to watch, I’m hoping to cut it down by half, we’ll see how it goes!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      It’s so easy to collect movies, isn’t it?? And I do love that we’ve both loved that ring. I have more jewelry that will find its way to the donate pile, too.

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      You’re welcome! It was so quick and easy, I’m grateful for Chris’ recommendation. There’s a lot more from my “past life” that I’m hanging onto, so it’ll feel good to get through it this month. Looking forward to your post! 🙂

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  5. Anne

    Ooooh, that ring is beautiful! *CRY*

    And so cool about Amazon trade in! I had no idea. I’m definitely going to look into that a bit more. We have SOOOOO many movies and it would be great to be able to just ship them all off to have a new life and get a little something in return!

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Anne! Amazon doesn’t take everything, but the convenience of a free shipping label and getting a better price was completely worth it. And yes, I know what you mean about the ring. I know someone will find it and wear it as much as it’s meant to be worn, though. Let me know how Amazon Trade-in goes for you!

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