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Throwback Thursday – 7.22.1994

journalIn about 40 minutes I hafta baby-sit next door for about half an hour. I think it’s only for one kid, though.

I don’t really care about what music I listen to – just as long as it’s NOT opera. I like R&B, rap, heavy metal, country, oldies, alternative, you name it and I’ll probably like it. I like playing classical music on the piano.

I kind of wish I didn’t have a sister. Sara went to church camp for a week not too long ago and it was SO nice having the house to myself a lot.

I can’t wait until Carrie comes to visit. It’ll be great seeing her after a year. I hafta remember to call her tomorrow or Sunday and check how long she’s staying and stuff. Well, I think I’ll write a letter to Karen now. BYE!


I was WAY OFF on what I had to do for baby-sitting. I watched all 3 kids from 3 to about 6:30. I got $10 which is just right. I would’ve baby-sat until about 8, but Sara came and relieved me. Immediately after I left I went to go check on Coby, Mikey & the Johnson’s plants. Coby was glad to get outside. After I put Coby on his chain, I went inside to check on Mikey, the bird. He barks and does a couple other things. Mikey was fine so I went in the backyard to water the plants. After that I let Coby back in and left.

When I got home I was REALLY hot so I had a popsicle and then called Jon.  Just before I called Jon I got a nice prank call from Zach. He yelled, “You’re going with Luke M?!” just before I realized it was him and hung up. Then I called Jon and told him what happened.

Later on, he got Matt to prank Zach. Me and Zach had some little squabbles going on between us. Through all this I was trying to call Andy. Finally, I gave up and called Zach to see if he knew where Andy was. Turns out that he’s at his aunt & uncle’s house and Zach has no idea when he’ll be back. Zach seemed surprised and glad that I was trying to get a hold of Andy. Good. That’s all I hafta tell. BYE!


Another day, another drama, right? And did I not read my last post and realize I got severely underpaid?? I had to laugh at the part about my sister because we’re pretty close now, and I’d be sad without her in my life. The music thing still holds true. I’m not a fan of opera to this day, but I’m going The Magic Flute next week because I’m trying to keep an open mind. I hope you enjoyed another entry. Next week’s will include some popular music from 1994 so make sure to check back!

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – 7.22.1994

  1. Beth

    Haha, that is too funny about the getting under paid after your last babysitting gig! And I also love how you’re complaining about Sara, but then she rescued you from babysitting later on! And I am not a huge fan of opera either, but grew to appreciate it a little more after I studied music in college for a bit. And the prank calling stuff – I bet kids don’t even do that anymore because of cell phones and texting and all of that!

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