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Throwback Thursday 7.31.1994

journalWell, I only hafta wait 2 days until Carrie comes! Her older sister, Amy, flew up here a little while ago and is staying across the street. Carrie thinks it’s so unfair that Amy got to fly up here and stay for a longer time than her – and it is. Oh well.

Sara’s mad at me cuz I forgot to clean our bathroom and return the Smith’s key. She thinks I should return it cuz they think I watched BooBoo. That’s kinda dumb. I REALLY wish I didn’t have an older sister sometimes. You trust them with your secrets, but they’ll usually end up telling someone. And it seems like they live to boss you around. It’s not fair. It’s fun to tell on them, but they’ll beat you up in return. Older sisters are good for nothing.

Aerosmith is at #5 with “Crazy” and All-4-One is down to #4. That’s too bad. “I Swear” is SUCH a good song.

I made out a b-day list for my grandma. So that’s getting sent along with 5 other envelopes – 4 are invitations and one goes to Karen in California. (All I had to do was walk over and give Libby her invitation.) I’m gonna go now. BYE!

PS #3 Mariah Carey – “Anytime You Need a Friend”

#2 Ace of Base – “Don’t Turn Around”

#1 Lisa Loeb – “Stay”


Sibling problems, amirite? It made me laugh to go back and read about the troubles I had with my sister growing up because we’re pretty close now. I made sure to share these gems with Sara along the way, so she could have a laugh too.

And I know I loved All-4-One, but I also can’t begin to count how many times I watched Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” video. I mean, the cat at the beginning, her 90s clothes and those glasses and the angst. Such good stuff. Were any of these songs at the top of your personal fave list?

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 7.31.1994

  1. Beth

    Oh man, Stay was my JAM. I loved the song (kind of still do) and I was also a pretty big Ace of Base fan. And that’s too funny about your sister, but I know a lot of people who were not close with their siblings growing up but became friends as adults. I think that’s common.

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