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Iceland: Bryggjan Brugghús (Brewhouse on the Pier)

IcelandBefore booking our trip to Iceland, Chris and I checked Happy Cow to make sure we had a few good food options near our hotel in Reykjavik. Along the way, I did my own search and came across this Vegan Guide to Iceland which mentioned a new brewery, Bryggjan Brugghús. It translates to the Pier Brewery, as it is conveniently located on the pier on the northwest corner of the city, right at the water’s edge.

We had paid for the Hop On/Hop Off bus tour of the city, and it dropped us off within a block of the brewery. Walking in, the restaurant is spacious but has several dark and cozy sections. The bar makes for a beautiful focal point, but there’s also a lot of other interesting things to look at, from ship-inspired wall decor to cool light fixtures.

bryggjan brugghus reykjavik iceland 5The brewing equipment is at the front and aglow in red lights. Perhaps just for Christmas festivities (it’s a really, really big deal in Iceland), perhaps the normal ambiance. At the time, they had three house brews on tap. Chris and I decided to share their Christmas ale, which was dark and smooth. If a beer could taste like Christmas, this was that beer.

bryggjan brugghus reykjavik iceland 2Our server presented us with fresh, delicious pretzels and some kind of sauce. We double checked, and it wasn’t vegan, but they quickly brought us out a side of their hummus to sub. This isn’t normal hummus, though. It’s almost like a pesto-hummus hybrid, and it’s thick, creamy and wonderful.

bryggjan brugghus reykjavik iceland 3Bryggjan’s two vegan options on the menu are a portabello taco or a club sandwich. Neither of us thinks highly of portabellos, so we both went for the club sandwich. Chris ordered the sweet potato fries, and I got the shoestring fries. We both enjoyed our sandwich and fries, though they were nothing to write home about. It was just nice to find a new place with clearly marked vegan options, and we’re both happy we got to try it out.

bryggjan brugghus reykjavik iceland 4

The service was great, the food came out fast, and I loved the ambiance of the whole place. The Christmas ale is something I would definitely order again, and it’s the perfect place for anything from a date night to a group dinner.

As luck would have it, we had hopped off the bus at it’s last loop for the day so we decided to take a 45-minute walk back to our hotel. It got a little precarious at times (I am not a fan of trying to cross roads near roundabouts!) but it was a fun way to see a side of the city we might not have otherwise. You have to take advantage of new adventures when you can, right??

Bryggjan Brugghús

Grandagarði 8


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  1. Beth

    I love the ambiance of this place, the red lighting is kind of fun! It looks like it was a really cozy spot to enjoy a brew! Glad they had some vegan options for you too!

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