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Throwback Thursday 8.28.1994


Well, Sara made the decision that we’re going to the State Fair tomorrow instead of going to Breezy Point today. I would rather go to Breezy Point. It’s this really cool resort that’s about 3 hours away. You can rent a boat and fish, swim in their indoor pool, play snow golf or ice skate in the winter, and many more things.

I said that I wouldn’t mind going to the State Fair again, but Sara in her possessive little way decided we’re going there. Aren’t I a part of the family? Don’t I have a say in it? I guess not. Some things in life are so unfair.

I miss Jon. I like just being with me but we haven’t kissed for the longest time. Maybe we’ve gotten too attached to each other but I don’t care. I love him. I think. Who knows what love is.

The cake we had last night turned your mouth black. I looked the funniest cuz I have black braces and it actually turned my teeth black. We had a lot of fun. BYE!


Funnily enough, for the last two years, my sister and I have taken a day off of work each year to go to the Minnesota State Fair together. We both find the fair much more manageable on a weekday since the crowds aren’t as bad.

If you had braces at some point in your life, did you like getting a variety of colors, too? I remember that every time I had the bands changed, I’d pick different color combinations. Braces suck enough as it is – you might as well have a little bit of fun with them, right?

Earlier in the week, I shared that I’m playing the Minsgame, but an abbreviated version, this month. I’ll mainly tackle clothes and office-y type stuff and hopefully it’ll put me in a good place when I move again. Which that’s a completely different ordeal. It’s stressful and distracting and just when I think something’s about to work out, it doesn’t for one reason or another. I’m finding it hard not to get discouraged, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll keep you posted.

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday 8.28.1994

  1. Beth

    Oh colored braces, yes! I used to lots of different things, Christmas colors for Christmas, all of that. I definitely felt like if I had to deal with them, I had to be allowed to have fun!

    The Fair is MUCH easier to deal with during the week for sure, that’s what we do too!

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