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First Impression: Spitz in Minneapolis

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Spitz recently popped up in NE Minneapolis and I saw that the menu lays claim to vegan and vegetarian offerings upon request. I met a friend for lunch and was excited to check it out since it’s only a block away from work. It’s a fast casual restaurant with a cool vibe; you walk up to the register to order, then they give you a number and bring the food to your table.

When I got to the register, I started asking questions, like if getting something vegan meant omitting or substituting, and the person started to tell me that only one of the options was vegan… which turned out to be a vegetarian option (the Berlin Doner). So that person had to start asking another employee who had to go in the back a couple times to confirm vegan offerings. As the line started to pile up behind me, we finally decided that I could get a wrap with veggies and hummus.

spitz minneapolis vegan

They offer to make it a combo meal for an additional $4.75 which includes a drink and a side, so I asked about the Fried Pita Strips with Hummus, but apparently the pita isn’t vegan which is rather unusual. So I settled on Sweet Potato Fries.

With all sincerity, I truly hate being “that vegan,” but I also strongly feel that if you’re going to advertise yourself as vegan/vegetarian-friendly, it’s imperative to educate your staff about what that means and what you have to offer. Otherwise, it’s embarrassing on both sides of the counter because the staff looks ignorant and I feel like a dick who’s being difficult.

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Modified Street Car Doner, AKA Veggie Wrap with Hummus

The food didn’t take very long to come out, and the wrap was pretty good. The veggies were fresh and crunchy, and I liked the taste of the wrap. The Sweet Potato Fries, however, were cold. Not even lukewarm. Cold. What the heck?


Cold Sweet Potato Fries. Le sigh.

Cold Sweet Potato Fries. Le sigh.

Needless to say, this was overall a disappointing experience, and I won’t be returning to Spitz any time in the near future. I’ve emailed the restaurant to let them know my thoughts and am curious to see how they respond. But of course, the last time I did that (ahem, Common Roots), I didn’t get a response so I’m not going to get my hopes up.

*Update: they replied!

Hi Laura,

Thanks so much bringing this to our attention. We have some new employees training and we’re working on hard on getting them up to speed on the menu.

Please know that our pita and all of our bread is vegan and all of our menu items can be made vegan/vegetarian albeit with the removal or substitution of some ingredients. If I can answer any specific questions over email please shoot them over.

Thanks again for the email and we’ll continue getting staff up to speed ASAP.




518 East Hennepin Avenue


6 thoughts on “First Impression: Spitz in Minneapolis

  1. Valerie

    This is very disappointing, for the exact reasons you mention. I was excited to try Spitz, but maybe not anymore? If you hear back, I would be interested in what they say.

  2. Crystal

    I read a similar account on a NE FB group. Their story made it seem like the employees don’t know much about the menu, or what vegan or vegetarian means. Hopefully they get it figured out soon.

  3. Cadry

    What a bummer! I hate when places are advertised as being vegan-friendly, but then the staff obviously has no idea what that means. Especially in a larger city like Minneapolis, you’d think restaurant staff would have some awareness of what’s included in their dishes. And of course, there’s no excuse for cold fries.

  4. Beth

    Disappointing, but I’m impressed that they responded! Hopefully given some more time they’ll improve if you ever decide to give it another spin.

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