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Throwback Thursday 8.29.1994


The 5 Biggest Hits of the Summer

#5 – Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories: Stay

#4 – Madonna: I’ll Remember

#3 – Counting Crows: Mr. Jones

#2 – Ace of Base: Don’t Turn Around

#1 – All-4-One: I Swear

My life is getting SO busy these days. And I complained about being bored! Here’s what’s happening: 

Today: State Fair

The 1st: Baby-sit the H’s 8am-5pm

The 2nd: Baby-sit again 8am-Noon then Valley Fair with Jon


I had a LOT of fun at the fair. We went to the KDWB stand, and Sara and I got a sweatshirt each. They are SO cool! We went on a ride that I am NOT about go on again – ever. It’s in a loop and it also spins around while you’re moving. If you’re on it with someone, you squish them a few times and vice versa. But it was fun.

We went to an “exotic animal” petting zoo that had animals from all over the world. There was one cute little goat that was standing on a huge tortoise that was about 4 times its size. It was funny.

We went to the Oriental Pavilion that had merchandise from all around the world.

The H’s have 2 girls that are 7 and 9. Their mom hasta work so I’m gonna watch them on Thursday from 8 in the morning to 5 in the late afternoon. Sara says they’re bratty, but I guess I’ll see. Then I’ll baby-sit for them again on Friday from 8 to noon. Then sometime after I get home I’m gonna go to Valley Fair with Jon. He had his aunt and uncle and 2 cousins stay with him from Saturday, the 27th, until this morning. They’re from Illinois. Well, I’m gonna go to bed now. BYE!



Next week I have some fascinating poetry to share!

Today, I’m flying out to Portland for the Vegan Beer and Food Festival which takes place Saturday. Then by the following Saturday, I’ll be in LA for the Beer Fest there. It’s going to be a crazy but fun week and a half. There are a lot of people I’ve connected with online but haven’t met who will attend one or the other, and we have a tour of Farm Sanctuary planned which I know will be wonderful. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some blogging here and there.

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