One Girl, Two Cities

Throwback Thursday 8.1994


The Cat

The cat

hunts in the night

in the meadow

when the moon is full.

The cat is hungry.


Cats are delicate creatures and should be handled with care.

They walk proudly with their tails up and heads held high.

Cats know they can catch anyone’s attention.

They are keen, quick, smart; the list goes on and on and on.

It’s not wonder they are considered to be perfect.



comes quietly

late in the day

over half the world.

It is time.


Super profound stuff, right?

I am not a poetry person so it feels a little awkward sharing these.

Right now, I’m on the road for work (find me on Instagram @1girl2cities for the best representation of my trip thus far) and I’m a little homesick but overall enjoying my time out west. I’ll try to share some stories on here once I’m home.

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