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Fringe Review: SmashHammer, The Heavy Metal Musical

smash hammer the heavy metal musical minnesota fringe festival

Will the Princess escape from the evil clutches of Secundus? Will Nicodemus reach his heroic potential? And does any of this really matter when the music of SmashHammer wails this epically and rocks this hard?

The full title of the show is SmashHammer: The Heavy Metal Musical Featuring the Heavy Metal Stylings of the Heavy Metal Band, SmashHammer.

That’s a lot of title to live up to, and without the right cast, this show could be so, so bad. Thankfully, the cast is fantastic and this turned out to be everything I didn’t know I wanted in a show, including but not limited to Sam Landman as a singing villain which is the stuff wonderful and hilarious nightmarish dreams are made of.

The show opens with a Gandalfian narrator (Eli Stone) who shreds a guitar like no other, and introduces us to the tongue in cheek adventures of Nicodemus (Madison Olimb) who has to go on a quest to find Princess Sarai (Ali Daniels) who’s been kidnapped by Secundus (Landman) and taken into the bowels of… well, something’s bowels.

I haven’t met director/producer Joe Johnson, but I know that he is my people. He takes SmashHammer just seriously enough to bring us a rock opera that feels like it was plucked right out of the 80s. There’s a wacky Dragon Wine vendor, a killer air guitar solo by Olimb (not to mention her rock star voice), a plucky sidekick who sees a future in the manure business, a hairy troll and more.

SmashHammer is one hour of pure fun, and you would not have to twist my arm to see it again.

The Minnesota Fringe Festival runs August 4-14, 2016 in Minneapolis. See SmashHammer: The Heavy Metal Musical Featuring the Heavy Metal Stylings of the Heavy Metal Band, SmashHammer August 4, 6, 10, 12 and 13 at Southern Theater. Click here to purchase tickets.

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