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Fringe Review: Break Your Heart

break your heart minnesota fringe festival

Stranded, heartbroken, and sleepless in an airport halfway around the world, a hapless guy decides to just keep flying until something, anything makes sense, resulting in a heartbreaking journey of a lifetime.

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Chances are, you have. Writer and solo performer Scot Moore brings us his story of heartbreak in Break Your Heart, but in the end, this is everyone’s story.

Scot breaks things down from beginning, literally telling us about his first love, from enjoying the sounds coming out of her face hole, to his strongest memory: her scent. Then we get to see video footage of other people sharing their experiences with love and loss. I love the additional layer they bring to the show, and the vulnerability they allow Scot to present to Fringe-goers.

Pulling off a solo show can’t be an easy feat, but Scot provides a nice balance of story-telling, music, facts, and video to keep things interesting and moving along. His sarcasm makes me laugh, his insight makes me think, and his hope*ful* romantic attitude makes me… well, hopeful. I’m grateful for the vulnerability he shows in regards to crying in public, thoughts on his divorce, and his takes on relationships in general.

Love is many things, and this show is an excellent reminder of that. And it’s not just about love in relationships; it’s about loving yourself. This is something I’ve started learning about since my divorce, along with a couple break ups since then. Like Scot, I remain hopeful and keep getting back out there to try again. I’m learning that it’s ok for relationships to end (check out the video below), and you need to give yourself time to heal. 

The end of a relationship can make a person feel pretty alone. After all, you’ve had someone to count on as your Plus One for however long, and flying solo again can be scary. I think what I love most about Break Your Heart is the reminder that we’ve all been there and therefore are not alone. Sure, we all have a different story, but this is how we live our lives. We have relationships, they end, and eventually most of us try again. Scot tells his own story with grace, humor, and most importantly, heart. 

The Minnesota Fringe Festival runs August 4-14, 2016 in Minneapolis. See Break Your Heart August 5, 6 8, 11 and 14 at Intermedia Arts. Click here to purchase tickets.

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