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Throwback Thursday 9.5.1994


I can’t believe school starts tomorrow. I can’t wait either! Today’s my last chance to see Jon before the summer ends. =(

I hope we’ll be able to last the next couple of years. I know that’s not the first time I’ve said that, but it’s true.

Last night was really fun. Libby took my camera, which had no film in it, and pretended to take a picture of Sara and Matt making out. Sara got sooooo mad. It was HILARIOUS.


I went to see Forrest Gump (again) today with Jon. It was still good the second time around even though I missed about half of it. We sat in the very back in the corner so nobody cared or anything. I had fun.

Now Joe, Matt, and Libby are over and they are LOUD. Matt took my ! Body Spray and sprayed it on Joe and Libby. It REEKS. But it’s pretty funny.

They just splashed water all over our bathroom. Sara just locked herself in there.

Now she’s out.

People are weird.

I’m so bored.

My mom said if I don’t make the top 10 for school, I can’t see Jon. I think that’s a little drastic. I dunno. I think I’ll talk to Dad about it. I better go. BYE!


Wow, random much? I kind of love that I had a body spray that I admitted reeked. And if you remember how long Forrest Gump is… well, that sounds like a lot of making out.

In case you missed it, I put up a couple new posts this week. One is about a pop up restaurant event and the other is about having a bad day. The bad day was pretty bad, so it’s taking me awhile to come out of my funk, but I know I’ll get there.

Upcoming activities I’m looking forward to: dinner with Beth from The Beth Next Door, opening night of 600 Years by Sandbox Theatre, and Root to Rise’s next pop up dinner. What do you have coming up that you’re excited about? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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