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Minnesota State Fair: Crop Art Edition

Each year, I make sure to check out the Crop Art at the Minnesota State Fair because it never disappoints. This year saw Prince crop art, Hamilton crop art, and even a mash up of the two. There’s animal crop art, political crop art, and even… whatever this is. The line can get long and move slowly, so I try to get there early to beat the crowd and cross it off my list.

crop art minnesota state fair 1

Anything goes, really, and some are better than others but you still have to admire the time it takes to assemble these intricate pieces of artwork. The artists even post a seed key so you can geek out that much more.

crop art minnesota state fair 2

I love this United States crop art as well as the sentiment behind it.


crop art minnesota state fair 3

Cute and political for the win


Everyone loves BB-8, right?

Everyone loves BB-8, right?

These are a few of the pieces that jumped out at me as I perused. What were some of your favorite pieces of crop art?

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