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Dinner at Shish: A Mediterranean Grill and Cafe


I had made plans to meet up with Jeni from Jeni Eats, and since we both live in St Paul I thought Shish on Grand would be a good choice. I had never been there before but heard they had nice vegan options. And they do!

When I walked in, I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but the gentleman at the register was super friendly and helpful. Their menu takes up most of one wall, and they include this helpful key:


So I only had to match the vegan dot to the menu items, and I quickly honed in on the Falafel Burger as both described and pictured above. I was also starving, so I got the small order of Hummus and Pita Bread. We happened to be enjoying a beautiful, 70 degree fall day so I grabbed one of the tables in front of the restaurant. With weather this nice, and if there’s a patio available, you have to take advantage of it!

The Hummus and Pita Bread arrived pretty quickly, and while I loved the Hummus with the dash of oil and sprinkling of paprika on top, the pita left something to be desired. It was thin, not very warm, and seemed perhaps a little stale. 


The Falafel Burger was delicious, though. It tasted fresh and it wasn’t too dry, and I especially loved the little kick that the Shata (hot sauce) provided. The entree was plenty of food on its own, and I would order this again. The side of garlic sauce that came with the fries is something that’s too good to be true. Just creamy, garlicky goodness – don’t plan on making out with anyone after you have it! 

Shish is a quick and easy place to meet for dinner, and I enjoyed meeting Jeni for the first time. It’s especially fun getting to know other people in the blogger community, and we’re both looking forward to attending the Minnesota Blogger Conference on October 15.

If you’re looking for a similar restaurant in Minneapolis, consider Gardens of Salonica.


1668 Grand Avenue

St Paul

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One thought on “Dinner at Shish: A Mediterranean Grill and Cafe

  1. katie

    Yum! I went on a date there this summer and loved the spot, the guy…not quite as much. I didn’t get fries, but next time I’m going to need to so I can dip in garlic sauce!

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